Tubing a Bloated Steer

Tubing a Bloated Steer

Which kind of solution was that.?
Thank you for the video.
Whats the difference between a steer and a cow
I want to thank you very much for posting this video as my little highlander bull kept bloating and I had the courage to make a hose and tube him, likely saving his life and relieving his pain. It has been a scary and worrisome week and this procedure is better than sticking a hole in his side to let the gas out. Again thank you, gratefully, Lancer
Agreed, KC0itl.  April Rain, sorry gal, but you don't know a darn thing that you are talking about.  Dont ya love it folks when you have a cattle expert at hand that hasnt ever touched one of the critters?
Good video... I would have liked to see you patting him to try to soothe him though.
The idiot democrats saying this is cruel, trust me when I say that it's much more cruel to let the cow die from gas build up.
We haven't fed cattle for like 11 years (I was 9 at the time) and even I know that this is necessary to prevent that steer from keeling over. Heck I faintly remember helping dad save one of our own steers doing this. Yea it sure looks cruel but it's a lot better than having it die. Anyone calling this "cruel" has no experience around these animals.
I am guessing your a democrat animal lover from the city? Even if I am wrong I am sure you don't deal with cattle. Cattle mostly get bloat from eating fresh legumes like clover and alfalfa. We deal with bloat sometimes despite not feeding any grain.
Thanks for the video.
It saves the animals life. If he wouldn't have put mineral water in his stomach then he would have easily died within the next week. Bloating is when the steer cant release his gas so he gets all swelled up. Our steers always act slow and sick when ever they get bloated. It basically saves his life.
Are you kidding? If you knew anything about hay prices you would know that it's hard to keep STEERS on a pure hay diet. Also corn and COB is the best diet you can give eating STEERS. STEERS not COWS.
Asinine comments aside (very obviously made by people who know nothing of the biology of ruminants), great and humane technique- I'd think that it would be more efficient to have a leather muzzle made up so that you could tie off the cow's head by multiple points so it can't move so much, but perhaps that would cause the animal to panic.
This is cruel :(
Maybe if you weren't feeding the poor cow a diet that mostly comprised of corn and grain they wouldn't be bloated. This is not their natural diet. Switching cows back to their natural diet of grass is better for humans, cows and the environment, resulting in healthier beef with a higher nutritional value. Feeding cows grain and corn is inhumane and dangerous to both the cows and humans who eat the beef.

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