Trying 2 New Soap Techniques - Harvest Moon Custom Soap | Royalty Soaps

Trying 2 New Soap Techniques - Harvest Moon Custom Soap | Royalty Soaps

I wonder... I bet candy making techniques would let you do like they do... as in, put literally anything into a bar of soap. Anyway, I love your channel. Thanks for teaching me stuff.
Ooooooooo harvest moon
cough i thought that harvest moon is the farming game from japan :p
Good loveyou shagufta
Moon light path from Bath and Body Works is my favorite fragrance ever
Ooooo you should do more cane soaps! That is AWESOME
I loved this one
I wish i could give you lots of thumbs up fpr how happy your vids make me! Love a good ramble!
This is my favorite soap you have ever made
Just WOW
Do a theme of Disney type soaps you like like maybe Rose for Belle the castle the slipper something like that
Am I the only one that sees an S in the moon
Somebody please tell me, what is superfat?
I'm sure you already know but I line the pvc with freezer or parchment paper....the non waxy one and it pulls right out...they also have the 2 part silicone molds that make it easy I just don't know if they are long enough for your large molds but they are super easy
It must be so satisfying to wash up those buckets because they automatically create their own soapy water
But mountains have snow on them year round because they're so cols
This reminds me of the hobbit's illustrated book cover!
Yes I have
I've never watch a soap making video before YouTube put your silent night and one other one I'm having trouble remembering, onto my recommended list, but I just want to say, just from the thumbnail of this video you are an artist and have a beautiful talent!
This soap took my breath away! I was doing the YouTube scroll, and just about continued flicking, but I was stopped dead in my tracks. This soap is absolutely gorgeous! It's something that belongs on a wall, or on someone's skin, or in a gallery, or anywhere really, that it can be admired. The more I looked at it, the more I got the feeling of looking at Starry Night by Van Gogh.
It might sound like a bit much, but it's the honest truth :)

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