Trying 2 New Soap Techniques - Harvest Moon Custom Soap | Royalty Soaps

Trying 2 New Soap Techniques - Harvest Moon Custom Soap | Royalty Soaps

A harvest moon is a blood moon right? Because if so I've seen a blood moon eclipse.
Midvale Idaho was in the path of totality for the solar eclipse last year. I had new friends I met on the internet come to visit and experience it with me. It was so gorgeous. A local soap maker took advantage of the event making the moon=sun black. It was amazing. She might have had a slight bit of mica around what was to be the sun instead of the moon. Yours is so pretty and happy for you to have danced under the harvest moon.
Awww! I love that you love miranda/Colleen!
Ah yes. I live in Colorado and the harvest moon is absolutely beautiful
Please make more of these!!! This is the perfect gift for several people I'm buying for for christmas!!♡
Hey guys, I myself have been thinking about starting to make some soaps. The thing is, I know there are a lot of people who wake up one day and say hey, I can do that. The thing is, I know it's not that simple in fact for about 6 to 8 months I have been doing my research, watching videos reading books and articles on the internet Etc. I happen to know that a lot of skill technique and know-how go in to soap making. You ladies who do the so well, it's definitely an art form that's for sure. With that being said, again I know how much goes into the process of making soaps. I know though that there's always more to learn. I have not bought one Supply tool or ingredient, but would still like to read up and learn a little bit more before I do all that. So I was wondering if anyone on here who is a soap maker could point me in the direction of possibly any good websites, YouTubers, instructional videos or articles, books, even downloadable reading material, whatever you have seen or heard of for the beginning and basics of soap making. That would be a huge help to me and I would really really appreciate it. Thanks
i love you so much . i can't believe i am watching you since you started <3 you haven't lost your shiny personality at all <3 all the best to you and your family
This looks awesome. Landscape scenes are my absolute favorites. I've done a few in the past and plan to do more soon.
I have a question , do you del soap on your page ? , I’ve been trying to find them but I haven’t ....
Looks Fucking amazing
Please make more of these
Can you do a chocolate 🍫 raspberry soap?
Was it Red Flower Farms? I love her videos too!❤️
Yes! I really like this (better than the Horse) It conveys the mood of the landscape perfectly. I shall give it a try for something similar soon - albeit figuring it out in a single loaf mold. Thank you.
Magic third hand crack me up! Soap looks fantastic. I might even be brave and give it a go myself. Great job!!
3:48 "beeee~~~"
I have reasons to follow you and watched every show you make, luv that lipstick too!
I'm actually not sure what a harvest moon is
I've been trying to figure out how to incorporate a famous landmark for my area into one of my soaps! This is so great! I'm totally going to give this a go! Thank you for all you do. You are AMAZING!

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