tribute to harvest moon Claire X Gray,Cliff,Doctor,Rick ,Kai

tribute to harvest moon Claire X Gray,Cliff,Doctor,Rick ,Kai

what is the song?
It just pisses me off how Rick gets so many hate and less attention from the fandom although I believe he's such a sweet guy but none gived him a chance to show that.. ;~;
This is the best yet ever!!! :3
Cliff Cliff.. i love him with Claire.. adorable couple..^-^
LOOOL fucking ayee XD hey atleast you replied! ;3 baha
Aha... 4 years later I reply xD
Aha, none taken (im not much of a big fan of the DS one either) I much rather play the GBA ones. :P
Wow, 7000 views! Thanks everyone!
Always been a fan of docter, gray and cliff
oh, gray. where have you been all my life?
kyaaaa cliffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
is this love that i feel
cool effects and one question what is the song of this video?
hah,i didnt even notice but i think hes like in the backround of 1 of them lolz and i dont like rick eather hes kinda wierd
w/e its almost the same :P
awwe cliff is adorable :) i luv him. lol this is my fav game also. i have this girl one. lol i hate the one for ds. (no offence)
i used onetruemedia because i dont have windows movie maker
I love the transitions. xD Very nicely done. :)
witch pic lolz

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