Township "Casual Building and Farming Games" Android Apps Gameplay Video

Township "Casual Building and Farming Games" Android Apps Gameplay Video

i am on Leval 19
i am Leval 19
I love this game
My favourite game
estas super el juego
I am level 47
my favorite game
I love to play very munch
Mo sabes aser videos
It says that I need to update is available I hit update and nothing is happening and it still won't let me play my game can somebody please help me or tell me what to do because I'm getting very mad because I'm on the contest right now and need to get my so the update will not load so somebody tell me what to do please
Cuz I am new to it
I am on level 5
That was atomaticly or you buy it
How did you do the money and coins in 1second
My township level is 14 maybe
I baru saja download level 6
Plz send your code
how did u get this much of cash amount in few level?
Seriously I need a guide because I've played it before alright,like a year or 2 ago and I uninstalled it. Now I want to play it again but I'm level 38, like when I left it. And I have no idea how it works anymore 😂😂

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