Township "Casual Building and Farming Games" Android Apps Gameplay Video

Township "Casual Building and Farming Games" Android Apps Gameplay Video

Cuz I am new to it
I am on level 5
That was atomaticly or you buy it
How did you do the money and coins in 1second
My township level is 14 maybe
I baru saja download level 6
Plz send your code
how did u get this much of cash amount in few level?
Seriously I need a guide because I've played it before alright,like a year or 2 ago and I uninstalled it. Now I want to play it again but I'm level 38, like when I left it. And I have no idea how it works anymore 😂😂
How did you go from 431 coins to 62,351? You're not even on level 5
I like this game alot but i haven't many money in this game how to earn more and more money...????
I open this game an another mobile set by using same account but its start from begging...!!!!!
In this game how to hack money..??
And how that money come many more....??
I am level 70
I'm level 14
can u give me your account I'll like all your videos and I'll subscribed your channel
هل يوجد صغره جديدة ف لعبه تاون شيب
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I downloaded this game and I love this game

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