Tour of modern, expanding dairies in China

Tour of modern, expanding dairies in China

Wieso haben die Melker Mundschütze.
nice look
Do u guys feed calcium magnesium supplement for increased milk production, cream.if yes pls contact me92-03439478781
WOW. Canada and the USA have a lot to learn. I was quite impressed as the cattle seemed quite content. It was not so bad. I still think time for them to go outdoors could be possible.
I love dairy farm
one would think importing hay from usa won't make any sense!
really good
Who's job is it to teach the cows Chinese?
wow stupid people conditions for cows ,,cows are one of the stupidest creatures on the planet behind chickens turkeys and liberals
zo jammer weer dat we onze kennis verkopen....
Evil fucking humans , may you all burn in hell !!!
i believe this would be better if you gave it narration
what are the piles covered with tires at 2:30?
57 lbs per day, I wonder if its so low because they don't have the Wisconsin genetics in the herd or if its just poor herdsmanship. We're getting 75 pounds per day off of our lowest herds. But then again, we complain if we have to haul our feed for 10 minutes and they're getting feed from the USA-- wow.
SOOOOOOOooooooooooooo They boil cats alive but have fans for cows? They do not even have fan for the workers. China, as TRUMP was told "It is ok to say you are friends with Kobe Bryant. It is not ok to say your ARE Kobe Bryant."

You follow?

Baby steps, there are still many people like myself that have actually been to your country. The workers shit on the floor but the cows have fans? REALLY China... Really?

You clean the shit off of a cow but not the shit off of your hands? Really?!? So they have soap for cows but not at the nooodle shop? Really China? Really

Xie xie!!!
Chinese are using North American cows! WWMT(what would mao think?) When are they going to use Chinese cows?

I lived in china this is nothing what real asian farms are like. This is a copy of a midwest warm for outsiders.

Xie xie.
Pure propaganda this is another lie for the world to see...dont trust the Chinese, worlds worst liars
sorry... I don't trust Chinese and westerners when it comes to food
Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's off to work they go, they get no pay they MOO all day, Hi Ho Hi Ho Hi Ho........
local producer need to produce at least 30% food products for sustainable area ag. my opt. is mega farm ruin life of cow, ruin quality of dairy. good life good milk. happy healthy people and thriving economny.

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