Top 5 Mistakes NEW Chicken Owners Make (Don't Do Like We Did)

Top 5 Mistakes NEW Chicken Owners Make (Don't Do Like We Did)

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Y'all have a GREAT Weekend!
Do you think you could be a bit more relaxed on where you get your chickens if you established quarantine procedures for incoming poultry?
Nice looking chickens there. Thanks for the info.
Best channel on YouTube :)
dude... youre white.... act it
New to your channel, excited to see more. We have a mix of chickens and they lay right up till Dec. here in Kentucky. Q; why do they kill and eat each other sometimes.
New sub here. Daniel from Arms Family Homestead sent me. This was informative and funny. Loved it.
Thumbs Up! Nice Video!
Great list! Maybe someone can do a video on the top 5 mistakes to raising Guinea Fowl.... cause- they have flown the coop........................................... :(
Informative. Great video😎
What is the best breed of chicken for here in south Alabama? I'm thinking about getting some wynadottes is that a good idea?
When you buy new layer chicks do you get them inoculated at the hatchery?
Agree that chickens are very addictive, we started with 9 on my son's birthday in January, next Thursday we will have 49 haha, great video and thanks for the tips
Peaches was on point! 🐽
Oh and you to Jason. 😉
Nothing I love more than chicken talk!
Chicken Owners have True Grit . John Wayne
Climate: Yup. In New Mexico - my first experience with chickens, we had a mixed "feed store" flock; my cousin and I bought one or two chicks of each breed the feed store was selling, including some turkey poults. Years later, in Texas, I raised Ameraucanas and Dorkings.
When I moved up here to Western Washington, my intention was to get chickens, but after building a hen house and living through my first winter, I decided to get ducks and geese instead of chickens - the ducks and geese don't mind cold and wet weather at all, whereas I knew my chickens hated it. Yeah, I could find some chickens with rose combs or some other minimal comb, but why put them through 6 months of cold, soggy weather?
Ducks and geese have more personality, imo, than chickens. Plus, I love duck eggs more than chicken eggs now. Ducks lay strong and heavy for four years, too; mine layed all winter for the first two years. We'll see how they do this winter.
I'm here from arms family homestead and he sed about ur chicken video very helpful thank u so much I loved it when all the chickens ran out coop lol
Rod!!!!!! What a beautiful rooster!!😁😁😁😁😍😍👅

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