Top 5 Mistakes NEW Chicken Owners Make (Don't Do Like We Did)

Top 5 Mistakes NEW Chicken Owners Make (Don't Do Like We Did)

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Y'all have a GREAT Weekend!
Living Traditions Homestead sent me your way. Sub'd .  Enjoyed the collaboration videos.
You are too fun! Love the 'chicken swarm'!🐔🐔🐔
Free Range part lol, love it
Great content and new to your channel came over from dutchh and arms
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Love your video! I've got a question about wild birds. I live in Hawaii and we have 8 hens for eggs. We're having a problem with the wild doves coming in and eating a lot of the chicken feed. Our chickens are free ranged and we have their food in a couple of 5 gallon buckets with these feeder attachments that we purchased from this guy in the Philippines that is supposed to prevent the wild birds from getting into the feed. I guess it helps a little, but we still lose a lot of feed to these neighborhood thieves lol. Any suggestions?
I love auctions. But if i buy chickens, i buy pullets not grown ups.
what a great video. I hit the like button when your reminder popped up.
Excellent. Thank you. I reread the Livestock Conservancy information again only last night. There's more information there than any other source I've yet found.
Well iv seen all of the others on this topic and now yours.😂GREAT job and hello from G.A. FARMS
Eggcellent video! As always, great info from the ever knowledgeable and classy Ms. Peaches. And the chicken stampede scene is Oscar worthy!

Does anyone know if buff orps are ok for warm, humid weather? Southeast U.S.
Just subscribed . Informative and entertaining.
Can i know your address and how much it cost for building farm and buy animals in indian ruppes
Hey Jason, thanks for answering my questions & comments whenever I write to you and your family and thank you for wishing me a merry Christmas. Weed em & reap didn't even wish anyone a merry Christmas, shame on them. I'll be watching you from now on. At least you have some class, thanks for taking the time to write to me, god bless you and your family.
Why the pig is so fat
You have some of the most beautiful chickens/Rod and other roosters included. I have never seen the likes of some of those chickens and if my husband would let me have some I might be guilty of buying them for their looks. Thank you for enlightening me so that if I'm allowed in the future to even have a few I know to look for the ones that are South Texas born and raised! As usual I love your vlogs! God bless you and your family!
I haven't done this for a while, but I'm about to start getting critters again. One of the ways tpo protect grain storage for animals is Diatomaceous earth. The weevils are killed  by it and it also deworms anyone or thing that uses the grain. For the parasites it's like eating glass. After everything hits the fan and then the compost heap the DE is added to your soil doing its work on nematodes. I used it for years with our ducks, turkeys, chickens and peafowl. Here's a video on the topic.

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