can you post the names and timestamps?
My favorite game of all time is harvest moon 64
Back to natuare is best best best
This game have many mistrys things, swite gameplay ....o i loved it
harvest moon 64 graphic looks better than back to nature
Hm save the homeland is my favorite
Where’s harvest moon tale of two towns!!!?? It’s probably the most beautiful of them all
I love Friends of Mineral Town
Harvest Moon Boy & Girl was my childhood
alarm clock ez....
i played way to much of a wonderful life ><
What is best to play on PC? I’ve only played Harvest Moon DS and I loved it so much.
Harvest Moon 64 is my favorite game of all time (tied with Majora's Mask), and it feels good to see it recognized at the top of the list :) Childhood memories are so strong playing that game, and I get just as much enjoyment out of it now!
Harvest Moon 64 is one of the BEST games I have ever played. So many memories! <3 Thanks for reminding me.
For me the best portable HM is Friends Of Mineral Town and the best console HM is Animal Parade but my favorite is HM64 because it's the first game in the series i played
that gaves so obviously Animal Crossing with different interface
My fav is harvest moon friends of mineral town
Harvest Moon Magical Melody for Game Cube was my favorite, and contrary to popular belief, you can play as a girl
Loved tree of tranquility
Harvest moon ds/cute is THE BEST harvest moon ever (my opinion)
harvest moon64 was the best in my opinion

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