Harvest Moon 64 is one of the BEST games I have ever played. So many memories! <3 Thanks for reminding me.
For me the best portable HM is Friends Of Mineral Town and the best console HM is Animal Parade but my favorite is HM64 because it's the first game in the series i played
that gaves so obviously Animal Crossing with different interface
My fav is harvest moon friends of mineral town
Harvest Moon Magical Melody for Game Cube was my favorite, and contrary to popular belief, you can play as a girl
Loved tree of tranquility
Harvest moon ds/cute is THE BEST harvest moon ever (my opinion)
harvest moon64 was the best in my opinion
I always seem to missed the girl version. Harvest moon magical melody for wii, harvest moon wonderful life PS2 😥
My favorite is definitely A Wonderful Life, although it can be rather somber at times (such as the old lady dying).
My favorite is definitely tale of two towns, because I’ve played it so much probably
I don't like the 3d version of harvest moon games....
I never thought I'd be searching for top 5 harvest moon games today.
Personally, my most fave is Tale of Two Towns because I love cooking and having a cooking competition every week really made me bias towards it.
However, in terms of nostalgia, overall gameplay, characters, memorable soundtrack and graphics, Friends of Mineral Town or More Friends of Mineral Town is the best. When people ask me which HM/SoS they should play first to really get into the series, I recommend FoMT/MFoMT immediately because it was also the game which introduced me to this. :)
Looks boriiiiiiing
I’ve only played one which I I never knew the name of, DS Cute and The Tale of Two Towns. So the first one I played it as a child and didn’t really know what to do, but I Loved it! And I loved the blacksmith jr (I think it was MFoMT) and between DScute and TToTT, DScute is by far the best. So many random events, so many details and secrets, and you also get to interact with the folks from Mineral Town
My favorites are
Harvest moon A wondeful life
Harvest moon fomt
Harvest moon tales of two town
Back to Nature in PS1 is ok. It was my first one

also, something I didnt like in A Wonderful Life is how fast the time ticked
i love magical melody so much, the notes felt so rewarding to collect
Hero of leaf valley is the best for me

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