TOP 5 AFK Money Making Methods - Old School Runescape

TOP 5 AFK Money Making Methods - Old School Runescape

6:03 motherload mine???????????
There aren't any afk money making methods, loot stays on the floor for about a minute, afk means your not playing the game, afk is more for exp grinding so no killing methods can be on this list, cooking doesn't count because there's no way to not be afk
fave afk is to fish karams and cook them
I like your accent. Irish or something.
Just sold my bronze bars have 12k gold.... 😎😎😎 feeling good
my gf said you sound like shrek lol
watched this whilst afking slayer ranging
u know what afk means?
Mining at Motherload Mine is one of my favorites!
You're just silentc0re returning aren't you
Im only watching bcos i like your voice and the way you talk
Wtf is hosisidious lmfao
You got a badass voice
Ign tx dice.
I have 1 afk and one semi afk for lower levels with guthans, 1 killing cave horrors with 58 slayer, with good rng you can get ~1 blk mask per hr their.... 2nd for lower levels is again using guthans and killing the poisonous snakes outside the trouble brewing bank chest for snake hides and then sell them on g.e. And snake hides are a 100% drop
didn't mention the slayer skill needed for gargoyles.
hello how do you can used the notes for many thigns ? for exanple the iron ore and others ?
Get someone to tank and grab a blowpipe then head to bandos, best afk money maker.
I can't wait for the mobile app. Gonna train agi when I am bored. Lol

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