Top 20 Best Th11 Farming Base 2018 | Farming Base CoC

Top 20 Best Th11 Farming Base 2018 | Farming Base CoC

Third best
music is same shit you'll hear in every other youtube video, gay as fuck
la miniatura es false idiota imbesil
Fuck what was that pure shit
Tatti h ye video 1 bhi base acha nhi tha 🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
do you kno the definition of farming base? unsubscribed.
Hey man. Thanks for the video, but you should change your title on this so you don't confuse your audience. These bases are Trophy Pushing Bases. Farming bases will usually "give up" the town hall in and protect the storages. Happy clashing :)
Me gustó mucho el vídeo, gracias.
All bases are shit
Bad bases
Nice video,what is your custom thumbnail font name?
intive me in ur clan
Buen vídeo me gusto mucho, primer vídeo que miro de este estilo sigue haciendo mas☺👋
De diferentes th xfa
These bases aren't farming bases these are trophy/pushing bases...

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