Top 10 Minecraft LIFE HACKS 2017!

Top 10 Minecraft LIFE HACKS 2017!

Mumbo:plz no remix rest of world:sure bud. Bet you regret making me throw my sponges into lava. XD
mumbo you think 2 monuments in the same area is time i had atleast 4 monuments in the same area
OH MUMBO U SON OF A B####! I went into my survival world tossed all 3 stacks of my sponges in and.......
When he said “shift click x3”I thought he said chipotle and I’m like yay I’m not the only one that likes chipotle!
(Like if you love chipotle) 👍🏻😂😍😛
Last is fake
Terracotta blocks are glazed so that's how the look like that (I think?) so the glaze override the stickiness
Honestly in my version of Minecraft they are called glazed terracotta
Unless it the stickiness doesn't work for the glazed and the normal
Let me guess... that last one was a troll??
Mumbo Jumbo what's your texture pack
Bro stop joking like that , people will throw sponge in lava lime noobs...
I told my husband about the lava sponges hack before thinking it through all the way...... took longer than I care to admit lol
Rip my 64 sponges
it was a troll by him 6:39
That last one is really cool I spend ages smelting sponges this is going to really help

Number 10: He had dry sponges under the lava and then burnt the we ones
Oh mumbo
1980 In The Future WE Will Have Flying Cars

2017 Minecraft Life Hacks
Shift chick!
Please subcribe to my channel and I will do the same
My wet sponges burned, is there something wrong? It took me so long to get them... about 3 weeks.

I lied...
Shift Click at

522707 | 16546 | 7m 31s

Agro Space

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