Tithe Farming Guide - [96K-110K XP/Hour at level 74]

Tithe Farming Guide - [96K-110K XP/Hour at level 74]

It changed bro not 800buckets to 45 its 800 buckets to 100%
0:12 "Hosidus house." It is hoe-sid-ee-us my friend. No worries, I knowingly mispronounce Varrock because of how I said it as a kid.
I went outside today. The graphics are amazing!
This really messed me up because you're using an item to benefit yourself in the minigame- the watering can. I didn't realise it wasn't an ordinary can...
Your voice sounds like Fludd from super mario sunshine.. but nice tutorial, thanks!
Those complaining that this is a shit guide can go fuck themselves. Like seriously its a simple fucking minigame even a retard can do this shit.
cancer video.
Very good Guide Thank you
get to the fucking point dude
tit farm is real good haha
Great Guide
yeah..... honestly this video is garbage. So unorganized and it's like you don't even care. put some effort into it mate.
jesus, your pronunciations are absolutely horrible. Have you ever taken an english class?
Make mic more sensitive to increase its volume perhaps?
Hey man, Thank you for the guide!
how many points do you get for the 100 fruits?

85131 | 377 | 14m 53s

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