Tithe Farm Guide - Best Farming XP/HR

Tithe Farm Guide - Best Farming XP/HR

titles the video best farming xp an hour 20 seconds in "I will not be showing you best xp an hr" lol wtf.
Video title: Tithe Farm Guide - Best Farming XP/HR

Best Farming XP/HR


Video title: Tithe Farm Guide - Best Farming XP/HR
for the buckets, it will take you about 1900 if you didnt complete the client of kourend quests, but if you did complete it, not only will it give you a free 20% favor in a house of your choosing, but i did plow to 5% and got 950 buckets to 100%
This helped, fuck the haters. ty
i think he's saying that tithe farm is the best xp/hour in the game... not that this guide is showing how to attain it
the title... and then... "i will not be showing..."
sick exp dude!
Get a steam battlestaff you nub why would you carry around 16k fires ???
only takes 950 buckets, not 1900
Disliked for the title. Don't display it as best exp guide and not show us how to get the best exp
click baiting duck
Great guide, much appreciated. i'm 92 farming and just now finally playing this game.. time to rush 99 lol. Btw, wish more people would comment on the guide rather than the title. -,-
This just poped up in my live feed? Lol will smash that like button regardless
20 000th subscriber:)
Buy a steam staff then you just need astral runes for humidify
"I will not show you how to get the best XP/HR"

-"Tithe Farm Guide - Best Farming XP/HR"
sweeeeet, thanks a bunch. Now i can actually train farming
nice title bro..
"Tithe farming guide, BEST XP/HR".... "I will not be showing you guys how to get the best xp/hr"

how long does it take to get 250 points?

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