Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

I know bloodhound96 bruhhhhhh
Love your vid!! not too fast like a lot of vids. would love more farm guides! trees!
Would also recommend not running to restart the patch.. yeah.. lol.. even if you had the resources to do so.
When you run south to harvest the plants you should harvest south to north i believe to finish runs faster.. which should uhh.. all in all make you hit 99 quicker.. get points quicker.. hmm.. and exp..
With humidify it seems like you only need 4 cans. Oh. You have to rewater them lol.
Subjectively I guess.
Feedback: The talk of the deliberate items in invi was good and explaining a good time to click. Prob my highlights of the video lol. Very good advice.
500th like btw
Great guide thank you. I subbed too
Very nice guide! Extremely informative and easy to follow. A suggestion to improve the video is that you could compare the xp rates to other farming methods around those levels. So for example, at farming 34 you could tell us about other forms of farming that give experience and how efficient this stacks up against them.
Why is it with every kourend guide out there, no one talks about teleportation with the kharedst's memoirs. This book is amazing because it can teleport you to every house .
K so pretty decent video, but i did a run based on what you said, and unless I am not hearing you right, you clearly say 75-100 you get the points and the rest are worth 0, based on what you said I planted with little care one round based on you saying 75 seed to 100 are where u get the points... WRONG! I had 100 seeds 12 of which died in the first bunch of seeds From about 50 on wards i had not killed 1. My end point total was 13 points, so much the last 25 counting if they are all alive.... was there possibly an update to the game since? No clue .. but whatever the case it is not accurate now.
You're doing it wrong. You're meant to click to move diagonally whenever you switch to the other patch on the same latitude. Xp wasting nub lul
that mining mini game on fossil island! GUIDE ON TAHT PLZ
Great guide btw, Thanks. Super informative :D
Clearest guide on tithe farm onthere imo. Thanks!!
How long does it take to get full farmers outfit and autoweed?
The route you're taking is not efficient. You should go up the east side first, plant the north west 2 and then the south west one. that way you don't waste run energy by running to the start everytime.
Damn was thinking about making a guide for this minigame but yours was too perfect i don't think i could make a better one haha. Probs man!

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