Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

I literally didn't need a single stamina potion, i think graceful covers it.
Great Vid. Is the can worth getting now that you can fill it with a regular water source? Would you want 2 for tithe farm or does it not need to be alternated like normal watering cans? Seems like it could be nice to store one on a leprechaun and one in bank if you have points to blow and it's helpful for the minigame.
hey one of those gorillas from the monkey madness quest landed on me from the sky and killed me, lost whole bank did this happen to anyone else?
all plants die every time, im 79 farming....
Impressive guide subbed
Good job, thank you.
Hey man! Great guide, well explained for noobs like me. Going to do this method to get to 80. Seems not too complex.
Do a volcantic mine guide pleeease!
im just going to do this for the farmer outfit, 2.5% extra exp adds a lot over time + i want to get to 85 farming asap to get that sweet mustache tree in my POH
Awesome guide, straight to the point!
Barbarian Assault roles more detail like attack styles melee range and mage and other positions explained
thank u
good video. excellent quality and exactly what is needed of a tithe farm guide
Thank you for the guide! Very well explained and not soo long!
Man, I followed your guide exactly and I’m still struggling to harvest the crops in time. My first round I only got 71 crops and wasn’t awarded any points. I’m following your same pattern and clicking as fast as I can, but still crops are dying in the first patch before I make it back in time. Particularly, I’m having problems with “dead” clicks where my character is not performing the action in spite of me clicking on time. For example, I water a crop, and the moment I see the water on the ground I use the watering can on the next crop. Then my character runs to the next crop and just stands there, as if my click didn’t go through in the first place. This causes me to have to re-click the watering can > crop. The slightest bit of lag completely screws me. Any suggestions?
Fantastic guide
you sounds like zulu l0l
I know bloodhound96 bruhhhhhh
Love your vid!! not too fast like a lot of vids. would love more farm guides! trees!

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