Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

Tithe Farm Guide | 100K+ Farming XP/HR & 70 Points Per Hour [OSRS]

Very well explained guide.
When it comes to watering the plants, if I click the watering can before starting the animation for the water action that is already queued, the game does not allow me to water the next plant, even if I wait for the previous water to be done. I have to wait until I am already in the animation of watering to even click the next can. Anybody else have this issue? I noticed that this bug is not occurring in the video. He is able to prep a watering can before starting the water animation of the action he has queued up. I hope that all made sense
so if i have only 98 do i have to do 2 plants to get 100 to finish that minigame or can i deposit 98
solid guide but i believe the whole watering can shenanigan is just an OCD thing and a placebo lol. why not just use one watering can at a time..
Really good video
Fantastic guide! Thank you
seed box worth getting? closing up on 99 and wouldnt want to do it post 99
nice guide
I never use stamina potions. However, I had slightly higher agi and graceful. I'm not even sure you need to use Graceful anyways. How about the tithe farm rewards? Wearing that outfit?
This is a nice guide but watching this gives me carpel tunnel
Thanks, super helpful n clear
I would recommend the Gricollers can. You're gonna use 33% of it each run, so its gonna last for 3 full runs, and thats gonna cost you 18 points in total, so as you said, 6pts each run. You're gonna have more space for staminas that way and if you have the farmers outfit, you could actually bring it with you instead of banking a few stams to make space for it. (Wont need humidify spell either, so you wont need the high req of Dream mentor.) But this was a really good guide, I like that its a minigame guide instead of those 1-99 skill guides, too many of them... Blast furnace guide next maybe? ;)
Hey man love the streams and videos. Good work!
Thanks for this homie Cx
Loved the guide. Keep them coming :)
Sullicep woodcutitng guide please! :D
and they say RS3 is easy scape lmao...
can you do a farm run one for RS3?
fuck oldschool will unsub if you become like a friend

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