Tips from the Vet- Cattle Bloat

Tips from the Vet- Cattle Bloat

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-The bloat can be seen as the abdomen extends to the left side of the animal from gas or froth buildup (it will be significantly more than the right)
-There are two types of bloat, froth and gas bloat can both be deadly to the animal if the case is extreme enough. Froth buildup is more likely seen in show cattle. Gas buildup is more often seen when there is a sudden change of diet.
-A VERY IMPORTANT bit of preventative measure of bloat would be to always have a gradual introduction to a change of feed (such as when changing to high grain diet to eating lots of lush grass).
-This is often a problem in the spring when cattle have been kept in a barn eating grain all winter and are let out to suddenly eat lots of spring green in a field. Gradual diet change is always important.
Bloated cattle must be stroyliminated b4 they stroyliminate you down the gullet of doom.
Most informative video I've ever seen on cattle bloating.  Thanks!

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