Three Little Pigs (adult version)

Three Little Pigs (adult version)

IT WAS A JOKE. Why are you guys like this. I am as gay as a rainbow but that doesnt mean that I have zero humor. Grow up.
Oh shit I have 3 homophobic bullies at school.
0.35 that looks questionable. It looks like they were makin' bacon😂
This just fucking pooped up what the fuck am I watching
The second pig couldn't even bother to remove his plug,he just kept sticking it in as they ran to the next pig's house.
Why can’t you get likes in this comment section?
Me: sees adult verison
Imagine after that the pigs were like "no homo" and then the wolf eats them
Another gay stereotype if a guy gets sexually aroused from having a heated glass rod getting shoved up his ass by another gay guy he's gay
My 5 year old sis watched this and she didnt understand what it says and she asked me and i was like 😶its the adult version and i took her ipad away
I have to let my sister see dis 😁😁😁🤣🤣
Wolfie is going to have pork for dinner.
Thank you for your wonderful contribution towards the scientific and artistic advancements towards society.
this is art
Three little 🐷 for adults really funny
1:00 all furries in a nutshell
So long story short the
Wolf clapped some piggy asscheeks
once again gayness saves the day! great story!
Bullies like the pigs are the reason school shooters exist

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