Three Little Pigs (adult version)

Three Little Pigs (adult version)

That was horrible! Why do ppl think Gay shit is so funny? Its not at all! U either hurt ppl's feelings or piss ppl off cause of this type of humor. And most ppl don't want that sort of picture in thier heads even if they are gay. Cracks me up tho to think that most straight ppl think all being gay is about is sex...that is not true at all! I personally think thats why when I see Gay Humor I dont like it...cause its over played out & usually only about sex. Thats why I dont think its funny...Just my own opinion! If anyone can understand it, that is!!!
Makes sense why the wolf was after the pigs, since they were bullying the wolf the wolf got angry at the pigs and wanted to huff and puff and blow their houses down and eat them.
This was a wast of time
Fucked up funny take on an old classic, yo!😂
Wow they more gay than Joey gracefa
Why are the roses dead.
After that rubbish he wants you to buy a keyring ,poetry you say ,laughing at how crap the whole thing was .
Childhood ruined
Gallithien yttrium
I'm 11 yrs old and I watched this video. I am straight but I think people r people, not gay black Muslim I don't care the wolf is a normal dude and there is no need to exaggerate anything
2:39 Rest In Peace trees on the right

(Edit) i meant left
The Asthma?
Incest orgy
a homo
Going too tell the four year olds in my class this version and tell it everyday and see who knows it most😂😂 parents will believe anything fuck it wages are crap 😂😂📸.
Wat the hell am i watching...
I'm again in the weird side of youtube

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