Clark Harris Womens Jersey  This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull

This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull

Evolution took a nap
Never eating pork again
"Babi rusa" in Indonesian means "Hog Deer" ("babi" means pig or hog and "Rusa" means deer)
big fang
big wang I guess
Now is a good time to check out the channel ULTIMATE NIGHT VISION HOG KILLERS
Flat earther pig 🤪
In my opinion it might be a defense thing because something grabs it’s teeth breaks off might trip from pressure and then they have a chance to get
Babirusa or Bobby Rusa?
Suicide pigs
A creature whose existence is pain.
An orc
So the females are to blame for this. All those generations of favoritism toward large fangs that literally curve into the skull, all for looks.
We Singaporeans are proud to have it in our zoo!
Aint this nigga on ice age😂
Yeah this is going on my rightfully endangered species list
Where’s Pigman when you need him
Bobby Russo ?
its probably a sexual thing then!
especially if they avoid their teeth when boxing
I think ppl should tranquilize them then cut em
Not unlike the prostate gland
its alright guys this glitch got patched in the most recent update

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