This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull

This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull

Yes Narrator, I'd also be shy if there were horns permanently stabbing my head.
Evolution just said “Fuck it”
It be your own self
That can’t be good for him
It be your own self sometimes smh
Cows n goats n a lot of animals who grow horns face this same issue it’s not specific to this animal
Natural selection will win at the end
Can’t Guinea pig teeth do this
But why
So, the teeth go through the roof of the mouth? Also, do they have problems eating?
"Intelligent design"
Suicidal pig
Some chromosome forgot to tell a DNA strand it was going on vacation.
Those teeth are a representation of when I had lightsaber battle with my friends and I tried to protect my fingers like when they fight
Ma-tour. I don’t like that very much oh my.
Sinister "twist"
Since this ain't pork can my muslim folks eat it? Just saying...

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