This is how fruits and vegetables are injected chemicals to look better!

This is how fruits and vegetables are injected chemicals to look better!

Messiah will handle these Devils
Lying deceitful SOB'S!!!!!!!!!!
Grow your own fruit & vegetables, even in pots of you have to.
Get gmo free authentic seeds.
health ke saath khilwar he
good thing my mango tree is growing
I am also growing an apple tree and an orange tree
fresh fruits everyday
I think you should grow your own fruits because buying cancer is not worth it
So evil!
inki ma ka bhen k lode ,macchar ki jhat sale har cheez me injection apni gand me bhi dal liya karo yahi injection.
All partakers of the food industry are HELL BOUND REJECTS OF THE CREATOR......PERIOOD!
Stupid humans complicating things that should be simple.
Nice bass
Execute them ...
They need execution ..
We can consume natural things even if it's not colorful.. People just are tired of eating junkies.. So have empathy and sympathy
All the ministers r kindly requested to look into such matters and stop them immediately and keep a REGULAR check and such people who play with food and health issue should be fined
This proves my LIFE IS A LIE when you see nice green peas at the store and then you find out they dye them even greener MY LIFE I A LIE
Stupid ppl
People keep on saying Asians do this but here in America there are GMOs and other dangerous material used in food to give it more flavor or make it look better. A lot of these things are banned in Europe

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