TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

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WARNING: Health damaging products are being sold in Rosmann and REWE Berlin Central Railway Station Stores! After being warned, the staff refuses to take them off the shelves! I invite the press from Germany and all over the world to join me every time a purchase food or beverage to see what's is going on!

And here I would like to make an IMPORTANT NOTE: The fault for the health damaging products lies not with the companies that produced them! The products have been tampered with after the goods have left the premises of the producer!

These who do these crimes have nothing to do with the People of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Max Planck and the other Great Spirits: they are primitive individuals who somehow got through the system and should receive a severe punishment for their crimes!!
I saw this film and it shoked me, it's just marvelously made, and i just want to share this content on my channel , because i consider it is importat for people to know what the indutry hides from consumers just fo the fact of money they make producing the way they produce food and industry. This film is both shokng and impressive, educative , and entertainng!!! I give it a big A+ .
est der yonney trudat en dis beeyatch As an autistic person who sees a lot of misinformation about about autism, I wanted to write a short description of not only what autism is but what it is like to have it. This is based off of my own experiences as well as other autistic people I have talked to.

Autism is a different way the brain can be "wired". Some observations may lead an outside observer to think one way, but without the rest of the context it can be very misleading. People with autism take in more information from their surroundings. While doing some activity the neurotypical person (not autistic) may take some time to process said activity and some of their surroundings, an autistic person takes in everything around them that is going on while doing an activity. Take eating lunch in cafeteria for example; while sitting with their friends a neurotypical person will be eating food, talking with their friends, and listening to what they are saying while an autistic person will be doing the same while taking in every sound difference in their friends voice, eye movement, body language, and doing all of these things with anything they also see and hear. Because of that a delay in time to respond may occur as they are taking in and processing more information before they can respond.

A lot of autistic people also have Sensory Processing Disorder, which is a disorder that manifest itself in such a way that the individual with it processes their senses either more dramatically or less. Let’s use the cafeteria example again: the autistic may be hearing every noise and conversation at once in that room, and while the lights may be fine for some people, they may be so bright for an autistic person it is physically painful. This can get overwhelming as all of this stimulus can be too much.

Stimulus is any information gathered by any of your 7 primary senses: sight, touch, hearing, smell, taste, proprioceptive (sense of where you are in space and movement), and vestibular (sense of balance). While these are external stimuli, internal stimuli can affect an autistic person in the same way; internal stimulus being things such as stress or anxiety to name a few. It is important to let an autistic person know how they live and process information is normal and fine, there is nothing wrong with them. They are perfectly normal people, just with a nerotype that isn't typical.

Too much stimulus can cause a meltdown sometimes, or a shutdown. A shutdown is straightforward as they just shutdown like a computer and need to rebute away from all that stimulus. A meltdown is when the autistic person goes into a fight or flight response, where they will act accordingly as does anyone when their subconscious feels threatened. Keep in mind, too much stimulus is painful, and can be drastically so. You could say that a shutdown is when the fight or flight response goes so extreme they freeze. To combat all of this stimulus an autistic person needs to do one of two things, and may sometimes need help doing them: 1.) Remove the negative stimulus, say like going somewhere darker or quieter 2.) Stim. Stimming can be with any of the 7 primary senses as it replaces bad information, or stimulus, with good. This may be repeating some sound, rocking back or forth, touching some textured object, or hand flapping. These are just a tiny few examples of stimming.

Stimming is good stimulus, so an autistic person may stim sometimes just because it feels good to do so with no other reason or maybe to express themselves as is natural and feels good to them. Sometimes when an autistic person has too much negative stimulus they may become nonverbal, or in other words may not be able to talk or use their words. Sometimes they may still be able to make sounds, write, or communicate in some other alternative fashion. Some autistic people take in more stimulus than other autistic people, and can be prone to experiencing more meltdowns and being nonverbal. Nonverbal occurs when the mind and body has to divert resources to dealing with other tasks. An autistic person may normally not be nonverbal but become so during a meltdown or when overwhelmed. Sometimes instead of being nonverbal, there might be a stutter instead.

An autistic person has a certain amount of “spoons” they have for every day. Spoons are the resources (mentally, emotionally, physically) you can use to do some task. Some days you may have more spoons, and other days you may feel like you have none. Getting up out of bed cost spoons, dressing oneself cost spoons, brushing your teeth, showering, eating breakfast, going to work, going to class, anything you do cost some amount of spoons; with little resources of spoons available, you may only be able to accomplish only a few tasks, and that is perfectly okay. Sometimes a task can cost a lot of spoons, and sometimes the same task may cost more spoons than other times.

Sometimes looking at a person's face or communicating with someone can be difficult. Communication is like a dance, and can be very difficult to follow. There are 3 ways of communication: what is said, how it is said, and body language. A person's face goes through a lot of changes over a short period of time to reflect how they are feeling, and looking at a person while talking can take a lot of spoons at time. It can be very overwhelming to try to pick up on a lot of cues people have in any form of communication. A lot of times an autistic person may only focus on one form of communication, if any, to be able to communicate. Communication in of itself (talking, listening, changes in subject) yet alone looking at some, taking in all the noise, and light, among some many things happening at once can be too much. If things feel that way, that everything is overwhelming, it is okay to remove yourself from that situation or choose not to be there in the first place. There is nothing wrong in taking care of yourself.
If you buy vegetables for him to be healthy YOU WILL NOT NEED MEDICINE TO BE KNOCKING ON YOUR DOOR. it's all diet related so when you ask "which one should you do" I know you are not aware of this but his body is telling him you are feeding me very bad food every day and these are the results. So I say drop the medicine and go for the vegetables!
The first family is a fucking fool but do what ya gotta do. Do some research, public libraries are free. These people believe eating a burger is bad yet will add beef to spaghetti
Oh my . . . I'm dedveloping a blog about practical, affordable natural method to grow nutrient dense fresh food that provides nutrients our immune system requires to prevent all disease and costs little to grow.

The key to powerful disease prevention is natural nutrients in adequate diet amount. Another natural disease control is 3% hydrogen peroxide and other 'free' oxygen sources where our blood plasma carries the clean oxygen to body parts marked by the immune system for repair and replacement.

In short, combining poison free organic material from chemical-free plants - leaves, small branches and even paper items that are clean of toxics in simple compost soil making gives better nutrients for food plants. Yes, even in apartments where sun light is available to grow plants can produce some healthy food with immune system nutrients.

Look here on yt for natural clean compost soil production and solutions for growing at least dark green leafy food plants in small quarters with high nutrient content.

The solution for nutrient supply lies in individual and small community learning and applying working solutions. Government is incapable of supplying healthy diets. The 1st step is to learn, and where Internet access is unavailable, libraries and small farm support likely will gladly share advice. Even ask for ways to share in the effort as a group.
No matter there’s no way out! Accept Jesus what you eat won’t save you!
1-3 Americans are projected to have type-2 diabetes by 2050, if the current trend continues. I find their formulation of the data extremely misleading. Not only that, they conflate vegetables with healthy eating, and argue that it is just as, if not more, expensive to eat poor quality food and suffer health problems later on, compared to eating more expensive food.

Even on food stamps, due to needing to spend it all at once, the amount of fresh produce one can purchase without having it go bad before it can be used is limited. What will keep damn-near forever, and is much cheaper to buy than vegetables or good meat, is nonperishable grains, and even the "healthy" grains not only don't provide enough calories per mass, they are a major contributor to obesity when eaten out of proportion with other foods, and to top it all off, they are subsidized more than the meat used to make those burgers.

Due to grains not having enough calories per mass, and an excessive amount of non-digestible fibrous membrane in most leafy greens (I am personally a big fan of spinach) getting the amount of calories an active person needs on grains or vegetables alone is going to be rough. Finally, while those burgers might be $0.99, the meat from the store is way more expensive, due to not being as heavily subsidized as grain.

A billion people are going to bed hungry for a variety of reasons, but the specific kind of food we grow is not one of those reasons. Food costs money, and there are some people who do not have the wherewithal to work so they can eat. If we didn't live in a society where we have a social safety net, if these same people were alive in something like the 1600s, they would starve due to being, in most cases unwilling, to acquire food. There are also more than a few major businesses that throw out leftover and unused food. It happens a lot with large restaurants. Still other places in the world are under incredibly harsh dictatorial rule, or have been destroyed by actors outside their country, like what the Clintons did to Haiti.

Several things said in this video are true, but there are some things said in this video that are extraordinarily misleading, and they skip over the complexity of some elements of the issue because they're somewhat inconvenient to the point they're trying to make.
Perhaps trying to solve the digestion problem which corn is to cows, they have installed holes in the cows' stomachs to be measuring the sort of digestion is going on and it allows them to extract or insert directly into the animal stomach (enzymes???), by-passing the normal digestion where a cow brings up the cud to rechew as they normally do. The holes remain open and uncapped in between their testing. But anyone working around animals is that there are always flies. So are now only dairy farms' flies "germ-free"? They only lay their eggs becoming maggots outside the dairy farm? I don't think that the poor cow feels nothing, it is an open sore. And when does an open sore in a barnyard or farm, not draw flies?
Food Industry documentary is very biased. And this interview is blaming obesity to food industry, what~~ it is not food industry causing the obesity, it is your CHOICE, your own CHOICE of food, you can choose healthy food or you can pay doctor later, simple is that. Human has no self-control and we like to blame others for our own bad choice. SAD
everyone should watch this
Portion sizes in the US are crazy too.
Yea but chicken's fucking great!
Is there a food bank in your area?
I was watching Food Inc last night....and now today 132LB of Beef was Recalled.....

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