TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

I dunno about america, but in the UK junk food and healthy food is the same price so we all have a choice. For example you can get 6 packs of chips for $1 or 6 apples for $1.
PAWS UP !!!!!
Fast food is still the shit
And if you would have dedied the doctor and give him water what were the chances sorry for your loss
Thankfully Trump is putting consumer watchdogs in His Cabinet, and not Business people who's only concern in the bottom line. Trump's allright!
There is only one diet that reverses heart disease, and Diabetes. And that is veganism, setting ethical issues aside, we can all agree that veganism is the best thing you can do for your body.
Go ketogenic, type II diabetes solved!!
And the African food may really be much better than this mess they call food in this hell hole called America the corporation let us out of here LORD JESUS COME AND GET US PLEASE LORD LOOK AT WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO US! I WILL KEEP YOUR COMMANDMENTS!!!
We don't have real food anymore, stop acting as if fruit and vegetables are real food not sure what exactly they have done to this food genetically modified trash but the food is no longer food it has no nutritional value at all!
Getting off work to go cook Veggies doesn't good or filling. Getting off work and getting a massive Super Chicken Burrito with Gauc and Sour Cream sounds good.
Amazing how over 300 years ago everyone lived off meat, and were healthy, but now people feed their animals unnatural things, and use pesticides in our vegetables and fruits.
You can take control over your diabetic issues with food. Do some research mommy and daddy it will be okay.
o.o rich people!?!?!?
Are those dummies fucking homeless? Buying 1 dolar a pound broccoli is not gonna kill you!
ay any of yall got the answer to number 15
Do a google search for grocery stores in Detroit...when they can’t fact check something that basic, how are we supposed to trust everything else they say? Don’t get me wrong I believe in the plant based message but get so frustrated when they mix fiction and fact.
Once you start eating healthy fruits and veggies, you don't want to eat any other food again. Guaranteed
No enseña nada
Guess what? The warm sunshine on your face on a sunny summer day.......CAUSES CANCER! Quit being such a bunch of "Oh-we-don't-keep-score-everybody-gets-a-trophy" hypochondriacs and eat your fucking Soylent Green like everybody else. Grow your own food if you have such a problem with it. We'll see how long that lasts before you're back at Wal-Mart buying genetically modified corn and steroid riddled beef for dinner.
Canned no salt green beans at aldies. 49 cents. Come on

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