TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

Those people should at least drink water 💦
just some fuckin obama-lovin-libtard in their natural habitat
If you can only afford to pay a dollar a day for food, you SHOULD NOT HAVE 2 KIDS? I do not understand.
Who else has to get headphones because somebody ain’t want to hear that junk because they eat this junk 😂
24:50 who thought it was your head phones??
Looking for a Documentary on about the Meat industry. JBS & the corruption. Anyone know the title or could help me. I watched it but don’t remember the title.
People are eager to sell a product that they will put anything in there foods.
Cook at home.
It's not hard to eat veggies. Sat sun eat meat rest of the week fish and veggies.

Anyways wanted to talk about the hormones they put in food, they are the leading cause to diseases.
I worked on organic farms....copper sulfate is used as a pesticide....this kills everything...even the bees in the hive also polluted two neiboring is a safe and grow a garden
So if the father ate healthier, he wouldnt be diabetic, and they would have $200 more for healthy food...

I can’t believe the mom said that they just assumed fast food was healthy. That being said, they can afford fresh produce, they may just get less of it. People these days eat more than they should, which feeds into the obesity epidemic. But convenience is the biggest factor IMO.

And food isn’t cheap. After bills (rent, utilities), most of my money goes towards food. I spend more on food than clothes
Switch to vegetables daily! follow the Dr. Sebi diet.
It's about ur fucking brain not ur cash I'm vegan homeless n 70 been incarcerated n never eat stupid no meat dairy nothing bad so it's not cash sorry it's lack of brain cells
How about don’t look at the burgers 🍔 dumbass
Not to sound like a douche but the family was clearly ignorant if not foolish. How the hell can you spend $11.00 on fast food, but can’t bother spending that on frozen veggies, canned goods? you can buy rice,beans,lentils,etc. you can make a good meal at home for $11.00... idk it just seems like a poor excuse as why they can’t eat healthy
Well no shit, even if my burger was made from a virgin’s wank juice i would still eat it.
The first start of this movie "We didn't think about eating healthy because we thought everything was healthy" --------> shocked face :-O WTF?
I dont understand why eating on a fresh healthy vegan diet is so expensive when if you just eat it fresh without all the latest supplement products then you can eat sooo healthy 😍😍😍😍🦋🦋 I do it in my parents make me pay for EVERYTHING down to the toilet and I still eat vegan...I swear I can buy a MONTH of healthy heavenly food under 80$ per month but then I do not have any kids through lol
even the dumbest people in the world know there is such thing as unhealthy food. that family is so ignorant. have they ever heard of rice and beans. that's what the poorest families in the world who have less money and even more kids live off and they are so much healthier than that family
Just another excuse, fruit and vegetables are not that expensive, oats, rice, beans pasta, potatoes, carrots, Tofu are not expensive. I'm sure you have a few hours to cook a large meal and eat it over a few days with bread. Eating junk foods is causing your father to be sick
Mm, I sure do love me some Chinese food

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