TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

actually if you didn't knew is that if you eat something with too much sugar with someone with diabetes then it actually makes it more worse and I watched this in my food nutrition and wellness class
Thank you
I watch so many videos about what's going on, like this food topic for example and they talking about how it is, but they usually don'y discuss why it is this way. Some will say it's about making a profit, but that it not the truth. I want see videos about why things are this way and the truth, not what seems obvious. But someone who actually knows and shares that knowledge. There a videos about theories, and a couple are not terrible far off, but they have details that are ridiculously wrong even though the basic idea is correct.
Food Inc. is an activist lie. To see an accurate documentary that won't cram conspiracy theories down your throat watch the newly released Food Evolution movie. Just the facts with no activist baggage.
A vegan sent me here
What a tard. We have to pay for medicine for him to be healthy...WTF..Its not making him healthy...its letting him live long enough to take more medicine. I cant feel sorry for stupid people who create more stupid people. The info is everywhere...she chooses to ignore it. Let them all get diabetis.....population control. Most five year olds know what kind of food is healthier..but this woman who had chidren does not. Boooo hoo hoo.
Gimme a head of cauliflower and I will kill it. Put it in an air fryer...shazam you have dinner....and unfortunately dog treats.why cant them damn dogs leave my food alone. Forget the tofu from the air dogs go absolutely insane for it...I have to eat it when they play outside...and when they come back in my blind dog starts sniffing the air and dancing cuz she thinks she getting some tofu. And yes...mommy saves some for her. Meat is gross. Your dog is made of meat...Im made of meat...My diet is not made of meat.
I have some guy raging me about what I saw in Iowa with MONSANTOS ROUND UP. He actually called VEGAN TEARISON a cult. I write vegan cookbooks and I am not going to shut up about MONSANTO. It's not just the corn, soybeans, wheat, sugar cane and vegetables, now they are going into the CANNABIS INDUSTRY. We are talking about GMO SEEDS and what MONSANTO calls ORGANIC PESTICIDE. It may be a spray made with marigold flowers but it still damaging the cannabis plant. Marigold flowers have been used as a natural insect repellent for MANY YEARS, but you grow them in the ground around plants and trees. You don't grind marigolds up and mix them with WHO REALLY KNOWS WHAT? and call it an ORGANIC. MAYBE THE FLOWERS ARE ORGANIC, but you are TRUSTING ? MONSANTO ? CANNABIS is a huge cash crop and they already have their foot through the door.

They just export the soybeans to CHINA, they feed that corn to the cows, and then carnivores eat them. They don't want anyone knowing about THE DIRTY DOZEN list from our own FDA. IT'S AN ILLUSION. STEP OUT OF YOUR BOX AND LOOK AROUND TO SEE WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON.
I worry about the guys who brought us the documentaries WHAT THE HEALTH, FOOD INC., ROTTEN, and the list goes on. I'm just a vegan cookbook writer and they want to shut ME up ?

I'm Pamela. I come from California. I live in a National Forest. I just went to Iowa to help a dying family member who lived across the street from these corn and soybean fields.

With much love, peace and compassion,
Pamela Jo
That broccoli was cheaper than all that fast food they were eating....excuses is all it is. They had a huge bag of burgers... FEED your kids broccoli and rice!! rice is like 1.00 a bag...u can get frozen broccoli for couple dollars a bag....EXCUSES!!!!!! Just lazy is all it and my husband feed 4 kids vegan diets....and never spend over 200.00 a week....this week i spent only 120.00 that is breakfast lunches dinners and snacks for an entire week for 6 people and we eat very well and stay full. and we are all very healthy!!
[Insert naturalistic fallacy here]
[Insert organic doesn't use pesticides here]
[Cite obviously biased source here]
[Call a shill]
[Enjoy your poison]
[Insert something about god here]
[Misspell glyphosate]
[Science has been wrong before]
[Cite cherry picked/disproved study here]
This was created in 2012 - what's the most recent information resulting from this effort/group?
robert kenner laughs a lot
After watching this movie, i feel like i dont want to eat.
The earth is truly a fucked up place and it's not getting any better.
I heard about a man who had diabetic sores on his toes. Afraid of having amputations, he wrapped his feet, stuck them in his boots and went off to work in pain each day. It finally got so bad he went to the hospital for the amputation.....well, it was discovered that the gangrene spread throughout his body and he was dead within weeks.
Cattle ranchers sued Oprah because she said she would never eat a hamburger again after a guest told her that ground up dead cows are included and fed back to cows in their food. 😣
Go Vegan or STFU
Sad that lady's mother is such an advocate on food safety yet was drinking diet soda. Contains a significant poison in it also. (Aspartame) Why can't there be more awareness on that too?!

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