TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

TheTruth About Your Food with FOOD, INC. Filmmaker Robert Kenner

“ Nothing On Water Fluoride?
No Education On All The Facts no Solutions???
I eat like that Court Mage from Whiterun, who every time I meet him seems to be eating something that is plant-based, such as bread, leaks, tomatoes, potatoes and fruit. I felt better ever since eating more fruit and see more clearly too. Dr Morse and that Court Mage are up to something with this eating more fruit. O_O Maybe with time I would be able to conjure up Demora warriors just with thoughts. JK.
The day you stop looking to blame, and seek to take responsibility for what you choose to do, the sooner things can get better. Produce is no more expensive. The problem is that we have conditioned our brains to think we have to eat until we feel full, instead of focusing on nutrients.
Terrible jokes and smiles while discussing serious issues. I bet they like to eat their steaks after this.
Okay, fuck this, I'm not watching. I'm like five minutes into it, and it's BULLSHIT. I've made minimum wage for TWENTY TWO YEARS, and I can eat healthy. They're NOT taking personal responsibility! They buy FIVE burgers for FIVE dollars, and claim they have no choice. No. You can get a HUGE bag of healthy brown rice for five dollars, AND it would last you more than just one meal. Walmart sells beans for 88 cents a can. Add a bit of that to the rice, and it's HEALTHY and actually CHEAPER than the burgers. People are lazy. They can't be bothered to figure out how to eat healthy and cheap. They just go to the store and say, "oh this broccoli is too expensive, so, fuck it, we have to get burgers.". Um, NO you don't. Huge bags of rice - CHEAP. HUGE bags of dried beans - SUPER CHEAP. Pears are too expensive for ya? Yeah, well, pears are always one of the pricey fruits - BUY A FUCKING APPLE, they're way cheaper. Canned tuna and salmon? Buy in bulk, get like 8 cans for 10 bucks, lasts FOREVER if you add a bit to your CHEAP RICE. And on and on and on.
Holy shit the food prices are cheap! I mean, I assume this is filed in the States, I live in Canada, no freaking way could you get a cheeseburger for 1 dollar, or broccoli and pears for those cheap prices! It's so weird to hear them COMPLAINING about those prices! We'd kill for them!
We need that kind of moovie production!!
Our food have way more sugar than they use to have
Safe hamburger is a contradiction in terms
GO VEGAN Daniel 1:10-17
OMG!!! $500 he spends on meds???? Oy Vey. Take that money and let thy food by they medicine, and thy medicine thy FOOD!!!!! That man IS PUTTING POISON IN HIS MOUTH and giving it over to his wife and kids too!
For the fast food poison of $11 dollars, he could have bought, beans, rice, and veggies to be stir fried (with veggie broth, or water - NO OIL) for that money. Don't tell me that eating healthy is too expensive. Learn to cook with the four food groups (beans/legumes, grains, veggies, fruits), cook ahead an batch cook for the week. We make very healthy meals for $3-$6 each!!! Going to McDonalds, cost a fam of 4 over $20.00!!!! If you cut out all animal meats, dairy, processed foods, fast foods, and you will have that same money and save money by eating healthy!!!!! Y'all will be very very healthy!!!!
If you can't afford food then become a vegan.
go 100% plant based, which may save you from diseases by eating those dead animals.
what a load of shit from the uneducated hippies!
I noticed this video, and I will remember it forever, All I hope is Jesus come back quickly.
I am so confused. 2 sprites for 2 dollars but can't afford the broc. C'mon man! No one has to drink sprite like tf!
"We are either paying for his medicine to be healthy or paying for vegetables" VEGETABLES & A HEALTHY DIET GET YOU AND KEEP YOU HEALTHY! LET FOOD BE YOUR MEDICINE

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