The Worst Movies Ever - Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (Part 1/5)

The Worst Movies Ever - Spider's Web: A Pig's Tale (Part 1/5)

Well Walts mom's pie is gone
What's amazing is that this is from 2006, the same year as the original Cars, and yet it looks like something from the early 1990s.
Crap like this makes me appreciate Pixar and Dreamworks a whole lot more. Don't get me wrong Pixar and Dreamworks make good movies. I just prefer 2D animation over 3D animation. Bad 3D animation is worse than bad 2D animation in my opinion.
How come the horses don't have manes in this cartoon? I notice the lack of texturing on the characters.
don't watch this high.
I agree.
Soundtrack name this guy used for every single part 1/5 video ?
I am just learning Blender 3D and I know I can do better than Spark Plug Entertainment.
Futurama music
Can't decide if Joseph and the promised Land or this is worse
Is anyone else bothered by the character designs? The horses don't even have manes or tails! Well all the characters look disturbing and ugly-oh-god-what-am-I-looking-at!?
The warning in the beginning LOL.
This is honestly my childhood, I actually watched it as a child, now that I’m watching it later in life, it’s shit
This movie is utter bullshit. It has no source of entertainment and the voice acting is horrible and the plot is all messed up. I can barely even watch this movie without getting bored.
so creepy
Watch dingo pictures
i remember this from my childhood fml
like i was watching a video called worst disney rip off's or something like that and realized the crappy animation looked familiar and after going through a cringey trip down memory lane,remembered this shitty movie and wanted to cry
i was only like 6 when i watched it, so stupid me liked it since i would watch almost anything as a child
ughhh why did my grandma have to get me that shitty movie???
Ok is it just me or does anyone else think the horses' heads have a shape more reminiscent to a man's junk than an appropriately shaped cartoon horse head?
What the hell is that spider's accent supposed to be? Irish, English, Scottish, Southern, African-American, Appalachian?

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