The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

Thanks to King Art Games for including The Templin Institute among the select few given a copy of the Iron Harvest Pre-Alpha! Be sure to check us out on where we are streaming the game… right now! If ya think Iron Harvest looks awesome (hint: it does) be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter campaign!
Fucking hell give dis channel more subs
Polonia is not yet lost (I know that I am late but screw it)
i reallllllly wish that game to be make like men of war realistic system,dammm i like the mech or maybe some one will make men of war mod woth that mech that would be AMAAAAZIINGG
im suprided that iron harvest doesnt have an allied faction
While I do enjoy nice World building, it really depends on how they will go about it: If they follow the story of a Character, in a way that resembles the Starcraft 2 Campaigns, I believe it will ultimately the factional names and such will be background noise. It could also happen what ultiamtely happen to COH: Did you really think "Panzer-Elite" was a good factional name? Did ultimately matter?

I will go the extra mile and say that those tactical based RTS are not precisely the best at Worldbuilding, we became familiar with the Brotherhood of Nod because we had Kane and several titles to get familiar with them, and we only got these additional titles because the game was damn good. Not necessarily because the first renditions of the Tiberian unvierse were particurally immersive or well thought(at the start its very own continuity was confusing to say the least), they became such along the way.

Iron Harvest should be a good first in order to expand and become a good story second
Wotjek best mechanized unit. 3:46
make Saxony Emprire please
Any plans on doing Battle Tech and the clans?
Do forged battalion plz
I love the world building in this game. Unfortunately i just can't enjoy rts games. I would totally play a third person "sim" based on those mechs though.
Was underwhelmed with the nation creativity. At least make Poland a Commonwealth, or Russia Anarchist, or something. Or, hey, the Austro-Prussian Confederacy? No? Okay...
I miss RTS games, we don't get as many as we used to when Westwood was around.
I'm looking forward to this one, I love the mechs, reminds me of Tiberium Sun and Wars.
You seem to nit pick the hell out of your two issues just to have an issue with the game.
3:08 The people in the back would be a good faciton to add later in the game
it would be good FPS campaign game similar to wolfenstein :)
The diamond shaped wave form reminds me of a Cephelon from Warframe.
Might I ask something: the name of Polania couldn't be like Rusviet, so POLANd-lithuANIA, since those two were effectively united in our world before the 1800s? I know there isn't any Lithuanian imagery in the Polanian Republic, but it could be something, maybe only an inspiration for the name.
You ever thought of doing a Warmachine video?

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