The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

Thanks to King Art Games for including The Templin Institute among the select few given a copy of the Iron Harvest Pre-Alpha! Be sure to check us out on where we are streaming the game… right now! If ya think Iron Harvest looks awesome (hint: it does) be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter campaign!
+The Templin Institute I did a little bit of research, The Kingdom of Saxony existed up until 1918 as part of the German Confederation as a free state. After WWI it officially joined Germany as a state like we have in the US under a federal government. It's now known as the Free State of Saxony and if it were to become an Empire it would be the Saxony Empire as the empire belongs to the state of Saxony. It all depends on the meaning of the name of your country.
The Russian Civil War created the Soviet Union: the most powerful nation in the world at its prime. And yet, it's barely even heard of.
We all have heard of the American Revolution and the French Revolution removing their kings and nobles, but what about the German Revolution that started in 1918 that ended the 2nd Reich and turned the German Empire into the German Republic? The German Empire, at its prime, had a larger economy than the British Empire, and was 2nd to the United States
Great video. BTW I agree that RusViet is a pretty bad name. It definitely sounds like a name a child would invent to make a "badass country". Also the flag and name don't make sense. Like you said, if the Revolution hasn't happened, then the star and hammer have nothing to do on the flag, and the Viet of Soviet either (since the Soviet is a social organisation popularized by the communists).
I am tired of stories being centered around Europe.
Hey is it comeing out for Xbox and when cuz it’s June also Kane lives
late to the party didn't know it exsisted this game looks amazing and ill support it for sure.
I freaking love science fiction walkers imagined in this artstyle.

Not a bunch of marines using high tech weaponry and armour, just soldiers with trenchcoats, bolt action rifles and steel machinery walking besides them. Looks cool. I'm excited. As long as the units are individual and not part of a squad, i'd pick it up.
Can someone post the LINK to the background music not the name... THE LINK! I can’t find it
My uncle says he's the art director at King Games idk what he actually does. I heard the art concept came from another guy so.....
I hope this will become a mod in HOI4
Looks like a 1920’s version of Battletech without space travel.
Do you know what game this reminds me of? Valkyria Chronicles. That game is set in an alternate world with an equivalent of WW2. Every single character has personality traits, phobias, favoured terrain and similar things. The two main characters are from the small idyllic village of Bruhl, and the tutorial is set as it is being overrun by imperial troops. You get to learn about the rich history of Gallia, the motivations of the enemy generals and you grow attached to the setting.

Likewise in VC, Gallia is stuck between two super powers and have to defend themselves with a small standing army and a conscripted militia against vastly superior forces.
Absolutely adore the artwork. The almost iddyllic and pitoresque landscapes are ruined by the stark contrast to the grimy and dirty look of industrial machines and half broken soldiers wandering around. It shows both a sense of times changing, hints at the setting being deep and a fragile peace hanging in the air. For example, the hussar complete with wings and a recoilless rifle.

I should probably take a closer look at the game.
I love jakub ruzalskis work
The Strandbeest Gatling gun honestly makes me so happy
Isn't it possible that the saxony empire is just called saxony? They presumably don't speak English, seeing as it's a dieselpunk version of Germany so it doesn't really make sense to apply English grammar to it, also, Saxony is the name of a place in Germany, sort of like a state in america, so if your assumption that Saxony and not Prussia unified Germany is true, it seems entirely reasonable that they just tagged empire on to the end of it to get the Saxony Empire. BTW love you vids!
Ok first the developers arn`t english so stop that
I can see dialog between "Russian" player and "Germany" player: 1 сентября - пора делить "Польшу".

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Agricultural economics refers to economics as it relates to the "production, distribution and consumption of [agricultural] goods and services".

The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".