The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

The Worldbuilding of Iron Harvest | Incoming

Thanks to King Art Games for including The Templin Institute among the select few given a copy of the Iron Harvest Pre-Alpha! Be sure to check us out on where we are streaming the game… right now! If ya think Iron Harvest looks awesome (hint: it does) be sure to take a look at their Kickstarter campaign!
Rassviet is russian for Dawn
If I had to guess the point of divergence from our only timeline would be around the Napoleonic Era likely before the re-unification of Germany, I will admit that I have no idea about any of the backstory but with the Saxony Empire, and you mentioning that it was the Saxons whom benefited from German re-unification that is my best bet.
This reminds me of the book leviathan
It's so novel to see an alternate history world in this era which actually shows the large part of society which has remained pre-industrial. Most fiction set in the interwar period, both alternate and actual history focuses almost solely on the sky scrapers, automobiles, aircraft, and factories as though the audience is supposed to expect pre-industrial life and be surprised with modernity. If anything, the workers in the fields are a back drop or a sidenote. When I see the world of 1920+ however, I find my eyes drawn just as much to the rural folk as the hulking machines. On a similar note, it's rare to see Eastern Europe at all unless the focus is on Russia which is really a shame. That part of the world is so laden with interesting culture and tradition. Even in Russia, we hardly see much other than peoples and cultures falling closer to those of Central Europe, and the Tatars, Cossacks, and Kazakhs just to name a couple, are sadly overlooked.
Expand the Horde?! You were like brother to me!
I think the Saxon Empire isn't that far from the real German Empire since the country(Brandenburg) that ultimately formed Prussia and later Germany had a saxon majority.
On one of the pieces of artwork you showed there was a bear with "wojtek" written on the bag strapped to it's back. That's a nod to the actual bear called "wojtek" that apparently fought in WW2 with polish soldiers, as a polish soldier in iran, egypt and whatnot. Just a nice little detail there i though i'd mention.
I want to see maybe a mod that adds actual tanks to this game it looks great
Mechas fix bayonets
"Red" in "Red Square" doesn't mean "red color" but "beautiful" - that was the second meaning of the Russian word "red" in older times. "Red Square" is incorrect translation, the correct translation would be "Beautiful Square".
Maybe there was a Soviet uprising in Russia, but instead of a total revolution they forced the Tsar into a constitutional compromise something like what happened in England with the signing of the Magna Charta.
We need to know more about those huge wolves and tigers they use. Also I notced werewolves in the pictures in their site, clearly there is some supernatural element invovled so we need to investigate that more.
Rusviet name/emblem analysis is spot on! Red is the vexilological color for revolution, as (dark) blue is for bravery. Black/white fields usually refer to the willingness to ask and grant mercy - the white flag for surrender, or for a temporary pause to talk; the black flag to show a refusal of any mercies other than swift death. Also, the Russian use of abbreviation tends towards just initialisms (front parts of words), especially since it's so highly inflected (uses special endings to show grammar categories).
Well your not the game developer now are ya? So you cant just force your ideas onto a group or person! Your opinion is irrelevant? You're just pissed because the game doesnt seem to follow a certain biased logic pertaining to our own history!?

Watching this vid makes me think of the board game Scythe. I think they are both based on the same world.
Gundams in WW1? Fucking sign me up!
I demand Mobile suits!
Also revolution did happend, but it was Rasputin, not Lenin, and Tsar Nicolas II rules only like a puppet of Rasputin. Thats why Eagle was changed to Siberian Star

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