The True Cost of Food - Organic food versus chemicals and GMOs.

The True Cost of Food - Organic food versus chemicals and GMOs.

Im gonna off myself
Thank you very much for posting this video, I am currently taking a module in uni that asks how sustainable can we make food.. after watching this video a lot of food for thoughts
Good message.  Too bad that was some of the worst animation I've ever seen.
It's completely and utterly ridiculous how ignorant some of you are below me. The thing is though that it's not your fault, it's societies fault for keeping you deliberately blinded from all of this.
How can we get this in higher quality?
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wow amazing
Love it!
No one should own the patent on cross pollination... completely agreed but developmental disorders cannot be blamed on GMO they can be blamed on better medicine and food sources allowing these people to live through their allergy (gluten free bread and stuff like that) Indian farmers cannot be sued over hybrids again completely agreed but if a patented GMO plant is grown then unfortunately they can. I don't think genes GMO's and hybrids should be patented either but unfortunately others don't.
Even if your pro Gmo, to not be held liable, after decades of using us as guinea pigs, behind our backs, claiming them to be safe and so many health problems,allergies and decvelopemental disorders occurring in the past few decades, is just bullshit! Hybrids from cross polination, should be okay, like we've been producing them for centuries, but really monsatan shouldn't own the patent on cross pollination's, that's just nature . So many Indian farmers have been extorted and sued over hybrids!
We were the guinea pigs the past 45 some odd years for Gmo's, Gmo soy you say, many people especially kids have become allergic to Gmo corn and soy, we usually lack the enzymes for most if not all Gmo's, from them not occurring in nature, allergies from Gmo's and normally non problematic foods, tarring holes in the digestive track. But whats your opinion on the monsatan protection act?
That is great organic fertilizer that might help grow the plants as much as twice the size naturally,but not faster, there's only so much energy a plant has to direct to each area of it's life cycle, there are so many organic sustainable practices we could teach and learn from around the world to third world countries. If the gocernment really wanted to feed a place like Africa, they'd could build water refineries there to purify their water. Also refertilizing their land and cultural oprganics
Also at manure from healthy organically raised animals particually like cows and sheep etc. especially grass fed animals, we've use compost and manure for centuries. Organic manure thats chemical/pesticide free and preferably antibiotic/hormone free,with organic compost,black homas to drain some water away from the roots,to avoid drowning the roots and airate the soil and sustainable spagmum peat moss, to help retain water.
monsatan's evil they've rigged gmo's like Bt coton etc. to produce lower yeilds, to fail and to be unable to produce fertile seeds(the suicide seed). If an Indian farmer could commit suicide by dring these pesticides.... Chemical fertilizer might contribute to faster soil; erosion and reduce the beneficial insects and soils beneficial microbacteria's ability to interact with the plants roots, lowering the nutrient desity at least 10-30%. Most if not all current pesticides disrupt this as well.
the cows are fed GMO corn, their addapted to grass, gmo is even worst,so plnt craps? you mean decayed plants. at least we've had 15,000-20,000 years to adapt to it and just take the environment,human health, our digestive health and wildlife into consideration. some Gmo's produce lower yeilds and even fail. Like in India, 17,683 farmers commited suicide because of Gmo's lowerd yields,fails,because of Monsatan's suicide seeds forcing poor farmers become bankrupt.
I agree that industrial practices should be made more efficient and more clean but sadly at the moment this is the best we can do. poisoned waters would happen with organic fertilizers as well (Organic fertilizers are plant scraps and shit!) and corn is not the cause of e.coli in cows (if it was I wouldn't be eating corn)
I completely agree that GMO plants should be thoroughly tested before being commercially grown but if GMO plants do work out than I've got nothing against it.. just look at GMO soybean! it's an amazingly successful and efficient plant.
hybrid beans etc. through natural cross pollination of sub species of the same species I am neutral on because they could have been produced hundreds of years ago. If nature does from planting crops near each other and their sub species that are compatible species I'm neutral. But the Gmo's produced in labs, most if not all have proven to be monstrosities. So then what do you think about Monsatan's suicide seed? At least a quarter million East Indian farmers have suicide from them and Gmo's!!!!
Then get rid of all the current Gmo's,pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. For all those animals meds and vaccinations cost a fucking fortune!!!! Feeding corn to cows when they're meant to eat grass causes disease like ecoli, not to mention other antibiotic resistant bacteria, also how many more forests get leveled to produce all the food needed to feed that many animals. Most if not all industrial practices are killing us, plant life, wildlife and poisening natural and public water.
no the human race could improve efficiency of agriculture by crossbreeding, using inorganic yet efficient and non-toxic to human pesticides, vaccinate and medicate livestock to prevent them from catching diseases, and use efficient and nutrient rich fertilizers that are non-organic and non-toxic eg not shit.

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