The Tiniest Pickles I've Ever Seen and a Big Morning Harvest | VLOG | Roots and Refuge Farm

The Tiniest Pickles I've Ever Seen and a Big Morning Harvest | VLOG | Roots and Refuge Farm

I would have quit gardening for life if I came across that spider lol
❤️ that spider creeped me out also.........but it is a good spider to have, I learned after I sprayed one in my yard. 😟
A day will come when you will be alone a lot .
I spend 12-14 hours alone every day. It's nice to have Gods animals n birds to tend so really not alone.
Not many humans here.
And “Hi” to you too Ezra!
We did water bath can these last year and they did great - my favorite thing we grew last summer! Added some purple jalapeno, home grown garlic, dill seed, etc. Delicious! Also the best snack while weeding besides brassica flowers 😊
I totally made fried okra as an "afternoon snack" a few days ago! 😂😂😂😍😍😍
I've seen a few of your videos and have to say the yellow pear cherry tomato isn't my fave. Tastewise it's not that exciting. I like Sungold and Sweet Million and a few others of the medium and larger but harder to grow large ones in Seattle are where I live. Your garden is so amazing. And yup that is a mega ton of produce to process. I have that grateful and overwhelmed at the same time feeling too. Picking, processing, maintaining, saving seed, thinking ahead to a fall garden...eek. So crazy. I look forward to seeing what you did with the cherry toms. I heard you say you'll be dehydrating them. What do you do with the dehydrated tomatoes later when ready to use them?
I recently started storing my seeds in 5 gallon food grade bucket with a tight fitting lid, even tho airtight would be better. I also have several little tin file boxes. Since sunflower seeds take a lot of room, I had been using large manila envelopes. Until a small mouse squeezed thru my storage bin lid and nearly ate them all. The plastic file envelopes look much better. Sunflower seeds are mice magnets. I store gardening things, such as twine, net, stakes, stacks of small pots, and peat pellets in the storage bins. Several years ago, I forgot that I had dropped about 2 lbs of sunflower seeds in a plastic bag in the bin until I could get them put up. I forgot about them and stored it in the shed that winter. A very large rat chewed a hole in the bin and nested there all winter and ate all my seeds. When he jumped out, it nearly scared me to death.
I grew cucamelons for the very first time this year with terrible success. It grew like crazy in the greenhouse, but when I moved the outside (didn't transplant) it seemed like it had transplant shock. I'm not sure what happened.
How do you eat Ochra? I have never seen it before. is it like a pepper?
New subbie from Memphis, TN. This is my first season gardening. Thanks to this vid I am going to try some radishes and carrots along with other greens for my winter garden. Looking forward to watching your other vids.
I feal like a stalker I just can't get enough of you and your farm oh my gosh I have learned so much from you
This is my second year trying to grow cucamelons. Last year the seeds I bought were bad and only one germinated, then the slugs got to it. This year, new seeds, I had around 6 plants, thought they were big enough the slugs wouldn't be a problem. Man, was I wrong. lol Only have one left, but as promised I gave it to my neighbours three year old grandson, so the little man is going to hopefully have a taste of these this year. :)
How are you picking tomatoes in shorts and a t shirt girl?! They all make my skin burn immediately on contact, my sunflowers and squash too. What do you do for that??
Have you considered eating raw foods? You grow plenty of fruits that you could make all kinds of raw salads out of, its great for your health to eat raw fruits and veggies! (I'm sure you know) Cooked foods, even vegetables cooked tend to wreak havoc on our body. Did you know when you eat cooked food your body recognizes it as a "foreign" object which is why your body temperature raises when eating cooked foods, and also why you get sleepy if you eat a lot at once. Since finding your channel and learning so much, I've had so many more tomatoes growing and have incorporated them raw into my diet to avoid having to process them so much.
I just thought you would enjoy the information, I felt I needed to leave this here in the comments.
Look up Ellen Fisher & Fully Raw Kristina on Youtube they are who inspired me to eat my veggies raw as much as possible. Granite I do tend to add a little salt & pepper mix to the tomatoes.. hahaha
We grew the tiny cucumbers this year. The kids love them! You have so many tomatoes, WOW.
Hey Jess, I don't know if you have seen the movie Mamma Mia, Here we go again. But you could be a twin to the actress that plays the younger Donna. She looks so much like you. You need to see it.
Hi! I like your channel and I just subscribed to it. I love your garden! So nice that you have cool weather compared to the hot , super hot summer here in South Texas. It's almost impossible to grow anything here ; it gets hot so fast and the bugs ( leaf footed ones) are killing anything. They are piercing the green tomatoes and ruin them. I even used my vacuum cleaner to suck these suckers away because nothing else kills them :)) I only had two bushes of tomatoes this summer one of which is not producing any more being so hot down here. Still, I have the pear tomatoes bush rewarding me with a handful of yellow tomatoes every other day (most of which are cracked). I use that brine recipe to pickle hot peppers and tarragon ( as a spice in my dried beans soup ). I never had cucamelons and I hope I will find seeds online for the future. Thank you for making videos! It takes a lot of time and energy just to keep us happy <3
Do the cuck-a-melon taste like cucumbers?
I'll have to try these! I also like to slice my cucumbers so they are ready earlier :)

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