The Tiniest Pickles I've Ever Seen and a Big Morning Harvest | VLOG | Roots and Refuge Farm

The Tiniest Pickles I've Ever Seen and a Big Morning Harvest | VLOG | Roots and Refuge Farm

I am so blessed to have found your channel. Thanks so much for all the positive vibes and for being such a Godly woman. We are entering spring storms weather here in Georgia and I'm about to get my garden going. Can you do a video on how you handle storms and bad weather? How does your garden survive bad storms? And how do you fix fallen plants? Thanks so much and God bless
I am searching your videos in hopes to find a pickled watermelon rinds recipe. I bought a watermelon and unfortunately one never knows when they were picked or the ripeness. It’s over ripe. And I’m using the meat to infuse my kombucha. And everyone swears to pickles watermelon rinds. 😁.

Any recommendations?
Thanks for sharing your journey Jess, everytime I watch one of your videos my day gets a little sweeter <3
We used to eat out at a Mexican place that served pickled califlower, carrots, and jalapenos as an appetizer. It was so good! I wonder if they blanched them first.
great idea on the organization ideas!
You look so healthy! Your skin is always glowing... I want that for my family too. You're an inspiration and beautiful woman 😊 I'm hoping we can make it in April.
love the color on those tomatoes,like a fruit punch
Thank you for being friendly and so informative!
I always wondered how those would work. I suppose it work just fine, but how would it taste?
I used my Mennonite dill pickle recipe with small green tomatoes, not cherry tomatoes but the same size. Just beginning tomatoes near season end that can't mature. I added a little bit pepper pieces from my garden and fresh leafy dill. Leaves more than seeds. Also couple garlic cloves. Can also add a grape leaf, mulberry or horseradish leaf for crispness. They came out so delicious! You can use little larger tomatoes and maybe cut them smaller. I think very firm green tomatoes make best pickles. The heat of the hot peppers really make them good
Hi Jess, I love your channel. I was wondering, do you ever share your seeds, like maybe in a swap? I'm here in South Texas and I love all varieties of tomatoes, cucumbers, etc...

P.S. that spider, we have those too. I love to see them in the garden as protecting my garden, but when you dont know where they are, and you walk in through one, their webs are thick and sticky and you can't help but feel that that spider is on top of your head waiting to bite! 😯😫 Yuck!
Ezra!!! HI!  My husband had an Uncle Ezra aka Uncle Slick.  Precious man!  Maybe I'll think of your Ezra as a Slick! ;)
I’m watching these older videos AGAIN and I want to weep with my overwhelming need to be planting right now. I go out to our garage and check all my seedings under the grow lights so many x a day. There’s only so much to do in high tunnel right now, especially since I’m waiting on a few things of coconut coir to finish rebuilding my soil........ so many plans for around high tunnel this year as well...... soooooo many plans....I’m visually impaired so I spend a great deal of winter avoiding ice and planning in my head lol
This is a great video to rewatch in the middle of winter; It really made me feel warmer!
A grow extra brandywines just for fried green tomatoes. If I didn’t grow extra id never get ripe brandwines because I think they’re the best tomato for frying. I can’t get enough of them. It’s my late summer splurge.
Those cherry tomatoes look delicious. Too bad about the yellow pear tomatoes.
I'm so happy to have had this come up in my "what to watch next" feed. I ordered these beauties yesterday and wondered about the production and what to do with them. Thanks.
Fried red tomatoes are good too! Try it!
I love the book " The 5 love Languages" a must read!
I have a terrible time with pear tomatoes. They have always been disease ridden trouble makers. I made the same decision last year. No more. :(

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