The Three Little Pigs: The swine crisis

The Three Little Pigs: The swine crisis

The Wolf looks like the cat in the hat
I was feel the same way too
Great job
How did he did the wolf and pig effects
Buena's tardes
Oti no
Are you guys really pigs
What Language do you speak
Quem viu um Smurf no 16:35
me encanto fue el mejor video de los 3 chanchitos en la vidacreal hoigan yo subo videos de youtube
This is a true masterpeace
Hello Fred Fortier,
Your movie is great I like it. Thank you for the english subtitle because I from Germany and don't understand french. Can I something to ask. When the wolf came to the third house and try to blow down. How do you made this that the belly/chest swell up is it real or Animation ?
Have a nice day.
En el minuto 16:36 perdon
Pude ver a un pitufo
Here’s another parody of the three little pigs.

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