Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Tekkit Experiment: Episode 28 (Crop-Matron)

The Tekkit Experiment: Episode 28 (Crop-Matron)

I use fraps to record desktop stuff. Then I have an Avermedia LiveGamer HD for xbox.
hey warrior what software do you use to record and can I make a art work for your channel?
I have sphax, but it is the 64x one, it works pretty well., thank you who using sphax though because it is awesome :D, you need to give me a server ip so we can play together, that would be awesome :D
Well, copper is orange and refined iron looks like a darker iron (like a gunmetal color). You could try a different tekkit patch for sphax because a lot of them are different and a few change the actual look of the ores and bars in case you don't like the "default" ones. The patch link in the description is also probably outdated seeing that this video was published in September. Hopefully this helps.
when i download sphax texture pack my copper and refined iron and stuff look like orange and stupid normal iron from mc any help plz?
You need to take 4 roses (red) or dandelions (yellow) and then right-click on the crop. I don't remember if it just needs to be at least four in your hand, or exactly 4 in your hand. Try those out and let me know.
but how i plant flowers on the crops that doesnt work :( plzz help
hey dude if you want to plant Coa Coa beans you need jungle wood no crop-matron will help it just thought you might wanta know
Sphax in the description
what texture pack you use?
Why exactly dont you guys have more veiws!?!? Thats retarded. You guys r epic. Maybe i could join you in A different series? That would be cool to meet some pr0 youtubers :D
The sticks are called "crops". Its just a thing included with the agriculture aspect of one of the mods in tekkit.
what were the sticks?
I think torches give us enough light level for growing, unless Tekkit has different rules for farming. Plus I hate the look of the glowstone in this texture pack lol (I'm so used to the Dokucraft lamp looking glowstone)
You should had a glowstone block on top of the water so your crops grow at a nice light level.
Thank you
yea but i am a nerd so i have to do things like that.
Lol. Probably trampled them. Crops seem to be extremely sensitive to steps (more than just normal plants). One of the reasons why I hate working with them.
I made a crop station on my Technic world. Somehow a deer spawned in, and I don't know if they ate them or just trampled them, but my crops disappeared.

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