The Story of Your Enslavement

The Story of Your Enslavement

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Slave or master, it doesn't matter. We'll all die in the end.
I hate all humans. We deserve to burn. Slowly. Whilst holding your children, who will grow to be pieces of shit too.
This propaganda denies the very nature of humanity. We are social creatures. Weak when we are naked and alone in nature, and powerful enough to alter the face of the earth together.
And I've googled you. You are clearly racist. You are clearly chauvinist - Blaming all social problems on women not being nice to babies while completely ignoring causes for social problems like men beating up their families. Do you deny for example that PTSD from combat experience has often led to domestic violence?

The truth is of course that it takes a good man and a good woman to raise a child well. And that even given good parenting a person can become a monster. You fucking theories are utter bullshit dude. Not all kids even have mothers. What's your solution for them? Euthenasia??!

And your political and social theories are also useless. For a man or woman to benefit from society in this day and age you simply have to contribute. There is an option. Do not contribute - Do not benefit. Easy. The world is so populated that anywhere you go you will be surrounded and protected to some degree by society. If you want an untouched wilderness somewhere where you can experiment with politics to your hearts content then fund NASA or SpaceX to find you a planet of your own where you can do it. You want an island? Boo-hoo... There are millions of other people who want it too.

I'm saying... Wake up and smell the roses. We've never had it as good as we have now. You are fucking making a living off Youtube, blog posts and giving talks. Standing, sitting and shitting around the rest of the time eating pizza or whatever you want to do. Wearing clothes and using electronics manufactured in sweat shops somewhere else. Are you crazy? You think this is not as good as it has ever been?

Will it be even better in the future? Sure... We have every right to expect that. But not through your horrible theories. No... It will be through cooperation. That's reality! The challenge is not to free yourself from society - You will shrivel up and die. Social interaction is a proven basic human need. The challenge is to make life AS good as it is for you - For EVERYBODY. That is the only way we can reach a future where things can get even better than they are now.

Oh it can get much, much better for a few - Anarcho-Capitalism, another philosophy I see you promote has a very good chance to change the world so that a few thousand, or million people on this planet live like kings, and the rest are all in economic bondage. The truth is that Anarcho-Capitalism is nothing new. It is the oldest political system in the world. Where the richest and most powerful always end up grabbing the most for themselves. It's a freaking miracle we managed to get to a state where there's some kind of referee in the equation. Yet there's millions of little lemmings like you who want to get rid of this system.

You really are a piece of work you know. Vomitous.
Do not worry god will save us all.
oh. ok... clicks on next video
Dude i agree with ur message but ur William shatner pauses are unwatchable
Animals are afraid of death aswell...
The journey starts with the first step. Take it. I did and live the journey I'm on now. That first step was to shuck the Rat Race. Happy trails my friends.
God bless this. I welcome the change, throw the parasite out, the beast must come down
For fuck sake this makes me want to punch things
How do you live every day knowing this? I have 4 kids. I wish I had never woke up.........I feel like my heart is going to explode.
50year from now.ETH smart contract governments and Bitcoin backed economy.
Why is government inherently bad. You talk about the word Freedom throughout the video but you don’t define it. I would argue that a government like America’s maximizes freedom. Without the government you could be murdered and simple commodities like chicken sandwiches would be impossible without a governing system. It also is unreasonable to suggest that the government is run purely to gather taxes. To what end? It then spends the overwhelming majority of those taxes on social programs to help poor people in society. It seems clear that you and your cult of ill informed followers are deeply misinformed.
That's called Hegelian Dialectic came up by Hagel DIVIDE and CONQUER of the debt slaves by race, religion, social economics, left and right, sex, etc etc etc where ever they can create a wedge between the debt slave 99 percent .
The only way for US to leave this Matrix ist death..U can free your mind and Spirit but your Body still trapped in the Farm which can make you crazy ...Work 8 hours sleep 8 hours, free time 8 hours and repeat
You can only free your mind and Spirit but your Body is still trapped in the prision
Wakey wakey, eggs and bakey
8k brain dead zombies,
7 year old classic!!! Thanks

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