The Story of Your Enslavement

The Story of Your Enslavement

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I wish I had the option to share this video. For some reason, I can't. Every other video on YouTube, I am able to.
Quet is the Slave Master and he died on January 5 2019 in St. Michael's Cathedral in Toronto as I asked God to put him into Sacred and Consecrated Space and that is where God chose and Quet ashed. He is great grandson 3 generations younger than Lord Admiral Nelson the General Manager of Metrus the Devil Developer Baby Killer of Bethlehem. I am the Holy Grail of Christ's Second Coming Natalie Helferty the Queen and Chief Toronto Tribe Royalty and the Landowner.
I don't really understand this and the whole farm analogy, but I do take away that I can not change much/improve much, so ima just keep playing video games xD
Why is this video age restricted?
Who is the master in your fourth version of slavery? Who controls the system? Who is the primary benefactor of the labors of others? You paint a very large conspiracy, but you provide no evidence other than some abstract reified governmental entity, which does not exist imo. If you are suggesting that the only true freedom is to not partake in civilization which carries burdens as well as benefits, then I disagree. Obligations to the social contract are a necessity of the state. To live outside the benefits of society is equivalent to ensuring your destruction, as people who can form stable and strong civilizations will outproduce and overcome any society that is founded on anarchy. Such rigid libertarianism is the intellectual equivalent of utopian socialism. It doesn't exist because it doesn't work. With no collective resources, one cannot create a sustainable system that would allow such a libertarian wet dream to exist. You are smarter than this Stefan.
You give government too much credit. You think the government farm is willing to allow freedom for the cattle so as to increase their revenues? Lol! That would actually require intelligence. Government, on the other hand, is very stupid. There is no desired equilibrium in the degree of freedom so as to maximize revenues. In the "free" world, freedom is decreasing, and it will continue to decrease until the whole thing collapses under the weight of its own stupidity.
Regarding the comparison of the Roman Empire with the U.S. (4:50), the U.S. is not an empire. This comparison ignores the main feature of what an empire is. The Roman Empire gained wealth by taxing other nations, but the U.S., with all of its military bases around the world, does not. How do military bases make money? The U.S. spends money on other nations. Since when does an "empire" spend money on other nations? If anything, the U.S. is a reverse empire. It spends money to prop up regions of the world that should collapse.
Most of the atrocities we are faced with are the results of Private Special Interests corrupting our decent first attempt at democracy. The u.s. has never been anything like a democracy.
It has never even been a proper Republic. Our "representatives" represent the highest 'Private Sector' bidders. So yes, the worker bees and the poor are truly enslaved. The owner classes...not so much.
Note that the "tyranny" that seems to terrify the authors is never associated with powerful Private Sector interests.
It is always telling when pro-capitalists use every horrible extreme of alternative systems to 'prove' the superiority of legalized usury. They do this by ignoring how the abuses had little or nothing to do with alternative theory and everything to do with horrendous leadership and extent world dynamics.
Almost 7 million views. I don't worry about the haters as much when I see that.
WOW. If only the masses would wake up.
The best video I have seen ever! Greetings and high respect!👍👍👍👍
I disagree with your logic. People didn’t become controlable suddenly because they started to afraid of death. What you do is unethical as you manupulate people to subscribe your channel by making up facts. And it is not the reason, it is the result. If you say religions were made to control people and because of the reasoning people start to afraid of death, it would be more convincing. The point is you just make up facts to gain followers with no evidence. And also people are not the only animal used and tortured. Other animals are too. Their survival instinct also is and can be manupulated. You are wrong.
So basically, our freedom is just an illusion, and the government doesn’t want to see us rise and form our own government, which ironically enough, is the exact thing our government did. Jesus Christ this is a lot of propaganda with lots of nice sayings that seem smart but are just philosophical generalizations. Trust the government if it’s a good government, let it get bigger. If it’s a bad government, overthrow it and let the new one get bigger. The US has a good one, Venezuela does not, for example
Rome never collapsed but instead adopted Christianity and became the Catholic Church. There's a Catholic church in just about every human settlement across the world.
Wow i remember watching this! Great one Stefan!
Back when Stefan was still a semi sane human being.
Brilliant. Shared.

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