The Story of Your Enslavement

The Story of Your Enslavement

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Must be dumb if u think we're free that's y it's called freedum " odd TV "
You figured it out. Congrats. Now what?
incredible vid...................TY stefan
the Jesuits are the state. over the face of the Earth.
This is a very good video about how we can view the world and it's political entities honestly, from the perspective that they view us.
Please look up "Federal Reserve Act of 1913 Debt Scam" and its historical ties to the IRS, "Truth about the National Deficit", as well as "False Flags." You'll see MANY more connections to all of this!
Fuuuucckkeeedddd!!!!all of us,standing or kneeling.... u choose
Stefan Molyneux is about as smart as those cows he's talking about.
The world of matter itself is enslaving; we are subject to decay, change, and tumbling chaos. Our enslavement is baked into the cake.
Fuckin great how u cant share it eh!! Wunda y!!
Max von Sydow är klockren
This is the first video I saw of Stefan's, unfortunately the rest were not as insightful
Downloading and going to mirror it in case it's taken down.
9.6K NPC's and counting
Hello from Russia
Thanks for video👍👍👍
So this video got put in a cage?
Tells you a lot actually
So, it's back up.
There is no legitimate reason for this video to be age-restricted by YouTube.

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