The Smallest Lawn Mower Tractor!!!

The Smallest Lawn Mower Tractor!!!

shit i need this , i only have 2 stripes of grass to cut
Where can I buy one
Kid: Mommy wants you to mow the lawn
Me: Hold my beer, boy.
Wife: God damnit......not again....
Wow it actually cuts the grass. Well made. Did you make it yourself?
That was neat. First time seeing something like that. Cool.
I must have this.....
I like
Sweet !
where did you get the mower?
Where can I buy one?
what's under the orange cover
Coolest thing I've seen on YouTube. Awesome.....
Where did you buy this
I have a o
Need to make one like a dixi chopper
i need one of those
So cool
That my friend is epic!!
Nice. Now make a mini windrower and bailer!

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