The Secret to Growing Bigger Lettuce, Faster | Nông Nghiệp 2Lúa

The Secret to Growing Bigger Lettuce, Faster | Nông Nghiệp 2Lúa

OMG. A direct succinct description. Clear, explained, and demonstrated. Thank you!
Thanks for very informative experiment
Hi thanks for the videos..What is the best lettuce to grow in these systems? I am looking to grow the fastest growing lettuce varieties
Thank you, Sir!
One day you'll understand that you're only scratching the surface of Hydroponics / Aquaponics. look up Viktor Schauberger and
Johann "John" Grander, the secrets to aligning and energising water with motion and magnetic fields.
"Lettuce us down" Love it :)
thank you sir!
My raft pond is 7.8m wide and 64m long. 120 000 lt of water . I have 2 bubblers at the intake of the recycling pump. It seems to work fine with adding oxygen to the water.
What temp you suggest for the water and the ambient in the green house?
Great thx info
Murry Rocks
thanks alot
thanks alot
thanks alot
Sir I wanted you to see mhpgardener channel. He tested both on the rafts and Im not sure why but he got it to work just as good without any air as he did with the air. I was confused at it because I do use air on DWC systems. However perhaps the lettuce roots fet air because of air gap between the raft and the water. Also one tip that I might follow when he does use the air he uses it in the nutrient tank. This way you dont need a hundred bubble stones only one in the reservoir. The reason I gave the suggestiin is because of cost lol. Right now I got my lettuse raft system down under 350 usd for about 30-50 heads at a time continuously giving salads. Still it seems my wife is going to flip out when she sees the bill.

Many people wish to do indoor hydroponics yet cannot afford it. The highest cost is lights. In the spring we grow out side yet in winter well it freezes around Nashville, Tn. 🇺🇸.
This will be my first raft system yet I have been farming and doing hydroponics now for perhaps 8 years. It seems the key is a balance of nutrient and proper light. If you see that channel this guy consistantly grows the biggest nicest tomatoes every time. Huge rows of them.
Oy mate, you sound Australian...anyways i liked the video sir...appreciate it for sharing the knowledge.
Thanks ! I wish I can do it Sir .

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