THE PIG WHO CRIED WOLF (subtitles english)

THE PIG WHO CRIED WOLF (subtitles english)

Whenever the little pigs are in a scene, they steal the show; they have a small role but they're a definite favorite. I feel the same way about Gingy. They're all so hilarious!
who voiced the wolf
0:38 Floss cop
3:54 A Pig Screams Like a Girl! It Driving Me Bananas!!!😂😂🐷
Oh my stars another little piggy 🐷 makes me laugh
"wait for me you schwein" ahaha
Is it just me or does the wolf have a sexy voice.
1:21 proof that guy is a Communist:1. there is a sickle2. that is it
Man, Hello Neighbor changed a lot in this update.
It had to be julia child
This little piggy was really suspicious.

This little piggy was tolerable

This little piggy couldn’t take of the the other little piggy spying on the neighbors along with the other little piggy...

Then all three little piggy’s went WEE WEE WEE!! they ran off from the crazy fat lady...
Does the wolf's transformed form remind anyone else of Julia Child
Need more of this😂
It was really funny when that woman was running so fast in those heels 🤣
Who else likes the Wolf's wolf form better?

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