THE KING OF PIGS Trailer (English Subtitles)

THE KING OF PIGS Trailer (English Subtitles)

No wonder the director would later on make "Train to Busan" and other crude, horror, strange movies 😂
Смотрела, мне понравилось.
Watching this movie made me realize that I took my school graduations for granted. Not that I was bullied as much as those kids.
I like the music in the beginning
0:29 fight
0:32 누구부터 죽여 줘??
0:35 사나이들은 싸운다
Train to Busan brought me here.
Scheiße Sch eiß e
Edgy animu
Remember I watched this mother fucker a couple years back. Its disturbing as fuck. But I really enjoyed it.
this film is so underrated.
i loved the movie, it still gives me the creeps, its really sad
artstyle reminds me of tekkonkinkreet
This film was amazing it stayed with me for days and made me reflect on its concepts in a manner helpful to understanding how we arrive at how we are.
Im watchin this!

It reminds me of the Korean Webtoon "Shards Of Sin"
Anime need more of this realistic contents~
Saw this in the Philippines at a Korean Film Festival! Dark and deranged! Love it!
fucking unbelievably class movie anybody thats contemplating watching this movie i would suggest 100% you watch it 
i seent he animation it was 1 of the best movie i seen
Looks disturbing ! Its soon in german cinemas I will watch it !
What's the music?

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