The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

Hi Tango , can you plz make a Iron golem statue tutorial , i only see 1 on hole you tube and its from a old golem :( plz!!! tyvm :D
I just can't get this to work, for some reason.

I have built and rebuilt this thing three times, double-checked it against Tango's linked world and made sure there are no differences, and even did a strip and rebuild in creative with the linked creative world running alongside. If I'm lucky, I'm getting one village out of the whole thing, although sometimes I don't even get a single golem spawning.
I've incorporated the fixes for the Aquatic Update's change in villager swimming speed and double-checked that those fixes worked in Tango's world. No problem there, no golems here.
I double-checked to make sure I have no stray doors around (I'm in a field in the middle of nowhere, that shouldn't be a problem.) The pistons are all working as they should, the villagers are all moving as they should, compared against Tango's file. The boat villagers launch up and stay on the top gate until the pistons finish one cycle, then fall to the next gate for the second cycle. The "satellite villager" is being lifted on his piston, the tower villager goes round and round, the villager horde (of 47) is precisely as prescribed. Every door has been torn down and double-checked to make sure it was placed facing east or west, and the whole thing is orientated toward the north.

I'm utterly stumped, man. Any ideas?
Is it toggleable?
For people like me that didn't watch the whole video through, you have to wait for all villages to be generated before you start to see the results that Tango gets
Does this work on bedrock edition
So the pistons don’t work for me. Are they broken or what?
17:00 ohhhhhh, left-right...

See ya in 30
Do the two boat villagers in the slime block launcher tubes have to start in a specific position/ be in sync with each other? When I press my reset button the two villagers never start in the same position and appear to move out of sync. Is this normal? I don't remember if he mentioned anything in the video and am not prepared to re-watch the whole thing in hopes of catching one sentence. Any help/knowledge would be greatly appreciated.
some of my golems are spawning on the west side... can someone please help
does it work in minecraft Bedrock edition please answer me
Guys, the water elevator doesn't work in 1.13
Does the iron titan still work in 1.13.2?
who build this
Can we replace the slime blocks with more jackolanterns
Does this work with pe?
Is there any difference of the iron you get from in comparisson to the iron titan? especially in the 1.13?
please if someone has got this farm to work on 1.13.1 please tell me what it has done, i for a week trying to make it work and there are no golems
whats up with all the downwards spirals, most of us play survival ya know. we can't /fly so why did you not use ya nogin and do upward spirals rofl.
30 Minutes into the tutorial WHAT HAVE I GOTTEN MYSELF INTO
Hey tango, Minecraft is now in 1.13.1, do you have any video about iton farms that I can build in 1.13.1 and they will WORK?

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