The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

WHICH one should I build the Iron Titan or the Iron Phoenix
I've built this, and currently troubleshooting for two days. Everything seems fine till the the guy in the loop falls down on hes second round, and the first village is not positioned to the middle but sightly to the east (towards the ferris wheel) and it seems like the wheel guy picks it up again and pulls more towards him and then everything is messing up even more. More village centers showing up on the other platform, up top, on the ferris platform etc. Where should I look for the problem? Is it a timing issue? Or is it a range issue? Can't tell and can't find the mistake during a step by step tutorial replay either. Thanks for the help!
Does it work on bedrock
How can I do this without boats, clearlag kills them on the server I play >_<
Hey tango my name is ZacuXDMG in game. i spent some time building the iron Phoenix and double checking everything and seem to not be able to get it working. Its been a couple weeks now and Im not sure if its just the area I’ve put it in or something else. I have the tower villager in place, both boat villagers, the satellite villager and roughly 47 more in the holding containers. I built it in a mountain biome and dug out some of the surrounding area but if theres a possible way to contact you and send screenshots that would be lovely i really would appreciate it!!
Does it work on tu62 consle?
Will it work in pe plz tell??
Thank you so much Tango
This farm work in 1.13?
Can anyone explain how the villagers drop down to the second fence gate?  Mine are either at the top or the the bottom
but if I kill villager then I reposition them, does the farm work the same or not? please help :,(
if you build this in the spawn chunks do you have to rebuild the villages every time?
I finished this project, but I can't get anything to spawn. And for some reason, the boats are just sitting at the bottom of their little drop tubes and don't move
First I had big problems, but then I figured out what the problem is and it works perfect

Sorry for bad english
It isnt work
do the first platforms (11 by 32) have to be full blocks?
16;:44 in the video doesn't work for me ,
Do this work on pocket edition
Hey Tango, golems spawn on my west platform between doors, any fixes?
Working for 1.11 or 1.10?

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