The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

Hey Tango, could you make an iron farm that is not as exceedingly unnecessary as this but not as small as your regular one village iron farm? Thanks!
Is it important wich direction the boat is facing?
Does works in 1.13?
Yooo i wassted my whole weekend trying this and little did i know, none of the redstone works anymore.
Soooo Much of this doesn't work in the current version. Please point me to a different model or make another one ;-;
I need help, I built it on the server.
No way to operate normally. The structure is exactly the same. When you reorganize, you will occasionally produce a few. After the machine is finished, it will not be produced again. Can you help me?
Does it work on mcpe???
In the newest version of minecraft the incrementer doesnt work. I wanted to know if there is some alternative such as opening all of the pistons at once (no incrementer needed) or a different design entirely that would work just as is not faster.
Tango you are I sane
сделал не работает лол)
super intuitive build, but god i wish i read the comments saying it was partially broken in the latest update before i watched the whole hour & half monster video. xD
For those of you who are wondering if it works:
I just finished building this in a survival 1.12.2 server with minimal plugins such as Essentials, Core Protect, and Worldedit and it works better than expected.

I did have problems with spawns at first but it was due to my own mistake of not following the tutorial perfectly
Problems I found that may or may not be the problems you are having too:

- Vertical Droppers at the WEST side of the spawn platform that are activated by the tripwire is placed the wrong way, they have to be placed INTO each other.
- Placed the comparators in the wrong direction at the pulse extender at the EAST side of the spawn platform, where the solo villager is
- Repeater at the Piston Incrementer on the EAST/WEST side is faced the wrong direction (Its confusing flipping things over)

*MOST IMPORTANTLY* Make sure that the Boat Villagers are on the SAME LEVEL. Started at the very bottom when you hit the mass reset, then shoots to the very top and STAYS THERE until *ALL PISTONS EXTEND*
I made the mistake of thinking that the boat villagers are supposed to drop a layer everytime a piston extends and it greatly decreased my spawn rates, i was led to believe this because the west side dropper wasnt placed correctly and the villager there dropped a layer every cycle and thats how i thought it should work.

*Make sure to place a block at the very top of the water elevator to stop the villager from falling down before you mass reset, this is to make sure all the timings with village creation will be right. Wait a couple minutes (2 - 5) with the villager stuck at the top, Hit the mass reset button, THEN allow the villager to drop through and cycle*

After I fixed my own mistakes Ive been getting crazy spawn rates after the first 10 minutes. An average of 1.5 spawns every 10 seconds, And the most spawns ive had consecutively was 4 Golems at the same time.

Thanks Tango for this amazing build.
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Am I able to build this on the console versions
hey does anyone know if this works on the xbox 1 edition?
This is the easiest iron farm in a large scale I have ever seen
And it works amazingly too
U did a fantastic job designing this <3
It did not work in the better together update on the switch.
How people figure this stuff out amazes me
instructions not clear built a gold farm instead
It does work in 1.13, 18w32a. Yes. How? You need to add a delay at the very top of the water or drop shoot, exactly like the other two gates. Have the villager stand in the trip wire with two stacks in the hoppers. The setup is identical, except 2 stacks, vs, 16 items. I tried 80 items, 1 1/4 stack, and that was not enough delay, so I immediately went to two stacks to be safe. Have fun!

Without the village mod thingy, I still dont know if all the villages registered, but I do not I am still getting a lot of iron golems. The original build was 90 minutes, but this one would take 48seconds up top, + 6 at each gate, and about 30 seconds each trip up. This would mean approx 90 seconds per village, 64, which would be around 96min build time. So, hopefully the delay is enough. Can someone confirm?

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