The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

The Iron Phoenix - Minecraft Self-Assembling Iron Golem Farm - 2600 Iron/hr (Works in 1.12+)

why does it not work on 1.8.9? :/
Wait how do I activate the farm? Do i open the fence gate at the water loop? I tried clicking the reset button but nothing really happened (except my boat villagers both fell down to the slime block)

Edit: I forgot a comparator at the water loop. So it works now
oh shit tango does it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can I get Village Marker to work in 1.12 without touching the server?
Tango has a very easy to listen to voice. Given how long this tutorial is that is a good thing.
The golems spawn inside the doors, below the pistons. Any ideas?
does it matter if the east west north and sound is wrong?
Man i did all this for nothing...the golems not even spawning
Is it work in 1 13?
Does this work on console editions?
Does this work on bedrock version?
do you use forge for the village marker mod?
Honestly, your mistakes throughout the tutorial should have been edited out so people don't build that only to learn it isn't correct. Why leave it in? Would have made the video at least 10 minutes shorter
This took me the best part of a week to build on my survival server. Apart from being incredibly jealous how easy it looks in creative mode I found the tutorial really easy to follow. Built this a "Y" 100 in a 1.12.2 vanilla world and it's spewing out iron at the rate in the title.

I have run it overnight and now leaving it for the day I'm not sure when I'm going to need to run it again lol.

No idea how you come up with such an impressive concept but it works perfectly. Thank you.
"easy to build" falls to death 60 times making water pipe
Was going to build this, but I'm guessing water pushers/elevators are going to break in 1.13... with water flowing past fence gates and signs, I'm guessing we can modify this but I'm not sure how... especially given the system's timing requirements, etc.
Current issues with 1.13(18w16a) villager detection range seems longer but this can be fixed by lower the west boat man by 1 block. Villagers swim faster so you need to add height to to the elevator to balance out and just have him drop to the proper elevation to create the first village. Slime blocks currently are not letting light pass through so the bottom doors working, we were only able to fix it into making 32 villages.
the part of the minute 16:10 is not fulfilled, it resets and only retracts from 15 to 32, the rest are stretched. I downloaded the map of the description and I was not worth that part either.
I have no mods on my server and I still have 0 golems spawning despite rebuilding it block for block. i've been checking for the passed week and i can't find any differences than the world download which is super efficient. I've tried holding the villager at the top for a couple minutes and still nothing
almost a week building this farm
block by block
Redstone by redstone exactly how the tutorial said
only 3 golems ever spawned LOL help
I can't figure out whats wrong

I found the problem, the farm creates just 1 village with 64 doors

no clue how to fix it

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