Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Aquaculture stuff is most interesting. We need to tap into marine nutrients more.
Animal agriculture is destroying the planet....
Wow, I just love this technology, especially an artificial burger 🍔, WOW. Might have give Mac Donald’s a new name.
The natural farming movement also has some value, as it brings friends and families together and keeps the community strong. I wonder whether agriculture looks at these values as well. I’m anxious to return to more social times.
Thanks for the useful information. Greetings from bee-keeping in Romania.
Thanks for the useful information. Greetings from bee-keeping in Romania.
Trust me, monoculture will not be a thing of the future. Agriculture needs to change a lot about itself and if not we’re all screwed..
The way agriculture is Done is extremely harmful for nature and so for people but also directly for people(fertilizer in groundwater). We need to Switch to sustainable Models like permaculture and we need to restore the by conventional agriculture infertile rendered lands with organic Matter in cooperation with nature if we want our biodiversity and Planet to survive long term. Also we need to genetically diversify to be resistant to plant illnesses. If we continue to use only one genetical Type it needs only one Bad plant illness to destroy agricultural crops large scale. So lets do it
Can you put russian subtittles ?
The future of farming is not having to farm...

Why do this? we could simply go extinct, and end all our problems...
this is scary and ugly - how people press "like"????
1. The impact of the herd under holistic agriculture is turning degraded soils into lush green pastures
2. The plow destroys the soil ecosystem, rolling crimper and no-till cover crops restoring the land reducing chemical dependence
3 China has a plant-based powder that causes sand to hold water a few thousand US Dollars per hector
go vegan
The biggest improvement in more Food-production is more CO2 in the atmosphere. It called "global greening". More CO2 = more biomass= more Food. Stopp the klima-hoax...
Are your pigs coughing?....There's an app for that!

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The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".