The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Future of Farming & Agriculture

Energy??? Solar. MEAT??? you can live very well w/o meat!! Cheaper too!!! I'm 55, I know what I'm talking about!!!
wrong.....super drug resistant diseases, war, radical muslims, obesity, abortion, famine, storms, floods, work related deaths, buildings collapsing, etc....population is decreasing. globally. 9 mill. ppl die from starvation alone each year, not including stds, hiv, contaminated blood, lack of basic hygiene, cancer, car accidents, plane crashes, heart attacks, strokes, suicide, mass murder, malaria, food poisoning, bad water, over dose on drugs, operations, wrong drugs, etc....etc....etc....
It's not about technology, it's about how grains don't grow in 30C heat!
Alternative protein: beans, sofritas, insects.
Farmed fishing is needed as we are depleting the ocean of fish and needing up ecosystems like removing jelly fish preditors allowing explosion in their population and though artificial selection like nets that catch certain size fish to catch adults make smaller adults more likely to live and reproduce

Bugs make sense and if processed I don't see any complaints
Millions will lose jobs if they change people for machines!!
Ugh... This is dystopian
poor pigs in cages and cows subjected to suffering. FUTURE FARMING WILL BE ABOUT ETHICS AND SUSTAINABILITY.
someone will make a lot of money with this, but it wont be the farmers. the future of agriculture will be determined by the health of our soil. modern farming is just finding more efficient ways to destroy our precious soils ... unfortunately.
Very informative 👍🏼
Or The Netherlands today.
what bout lost invention like starlite? a video on lost inventions?
Nice video. Did you know about this development. A company in the US is actually testing pollination drones in real garden environments, pretty cool given the still declining be populations.
Modern Technology of agriculture
A comparison of arguments for and against genetic Modifaction of animals would be interesting, as well as the question as to whether animals are happy.
From 7 to 10 billion poeple we need to double our food output?
we are working on this, agriculture drone
good dear

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