The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Aquaculture stuff is most interesting. We need to tap into marine nutrients more.
Obama legacy should continue with gen x,y,z. His past accomplishments on infrastructure like getting technology aiding farm yields.From afar, I hope could continue with present and future presidential legacies, where We the People's will be done progressively. Just because we are under another administration doesnt mean we must cease being considerate of the poor, minorities, and marginalized now and then yesteryears and tomorrows. Stay true as if the all seeing and hearing eyes of God are about us along with the rest of world as we patiently trucewise hope for our biblically prophetic dead in christ,living remnant, and the rest of the dead additionally to arise... stay faithful in thesedays. And pray for our leaders near and far including God's faithful yet sinners like me. also please pray for my family who see thesedays me through a darkly lit perception. My dad wants to evict me away from his home where my mom is. I try to stay out of his case but his perception of me is warped and skewed for some demonizing reason. My pastor said intentions ought to be much weighed in dynamics of interactions with aggressors and nonaggressors.I might need advice and maybe court advocate next month and rest of days the Lord Jesus Christ has made. U know when a bro has a spiritual plank or beam in their eyes and no matter what you say or do they can see themselves nor point of verbal abusing direction towards me? That is my side/tad of spiritual struggle I am in. I am one who has no shame but care for much meekly. I will try praying with my church membership this last week of March and beyond over it. Peace, kudos Obama though. And prayers to those keeping the peace like me overseas in their families and near and far countries including Trump, Macron, or Putin, who know also what persecution spiritiually is like...we might not have Obama in office but those strides of his could have not been in a vacuum. Other world leaders around him stepped up and led along with Obama during his years like macron, british, hispanic, asian, and putin agreeing leadership and support. They might not agree too much with past and present Prez', but they care and still do on some level without Obama in the line up of responsibility for the people. Don't forget our progress and the recent peaceful strides near and far outcome in Syria thusfar. Marginal gains are gains , with relooming recession since 2007-2008, despite thrivings coattailed years of 'previous' economic investments by Obama & his administration and 'extra' market racial confidence in first two of 3 years of trump & his administration.. The violence getting to that point might be also argumentative. It begats itself but I hope we end the cycle of violence and poverty based ones... minds and perspective must change before one iota of true change overtime stays happened towards the will of the people, not tyrants' desperational aggression to prove their case. We have much to be grateful about in these moments. Most of past successes wasnt Obama in a vacuum, other nations did copperate and ought to still...trustingly. if they have offended one another. Patch up what needs to be patched up like N. KOREA relations or neighborly dynamics near and far have less chance in the wait being held in esteem in future presence of God's 2nd Coming arrival...[the witness that sees all knows all and almighty.] Our Jesus Christ isnt as blind as we might get. Keep your hearts and mouths cleaner family, including trump types needing support and guidance. Our pomp will be realized for what it is. Forgive one another each others trespasses and the Lord will forgive us in kind.

Please Stay, keeping the Peace my fellow faithful from midwest to Mideast and those afar. I thank you for that birthday gift during trump days, Mideast going electric on initial levels of progress direction, at least it is an early bdaymonth surprise. Keep green peace golden by advancing better interrelations.
there is hope. Thank god.
We dont need to double the production, but we just need thanoz

Just a point of fact. You don't kill weeds with pesticides, you use herbicides. Pesticides will do nothing to a weed. Funny how many videos I see where this mistake is made.
my head is spinning.......
I want to be a drone when i grow up.
Destroy the tastes For the sake of money
Oh god I hope not. The future of our culture, relationships, and social well-being desperately needs a revisionist of our technological vector! I guess it depends on your definition of living!
If we double our food production is that mean double food waste to? We don’t need more food just better distribution. Go organic and sustainable.
We really have to stabilize the expansion of industries or else we will end up living in an industrial world.

Agriculture is a major source, food is a necessity.
0:13 It should means that we need to waste less....
Please taught us in many countries too!
we already have so many humans on earth and they all hate each other.. i suggest to start using condoms in advance
Rich people will always eat organic food and the poor part of the population will consume this.
Synthetic meat is the future, less cows less methane easier production of food. Win win win?
elephant in the room by 2024 they'll be an 87 million dollar seaweed industry. Do not underestimate the sushi.
Although advancements in technology is great, I believe that we are aiming wrong and misusing it. We are putting 'us' in the centre and everything revolving around us, instead of us being part of the whole ecosystem.

Most of those advancements produce 'perfect' looking food that lacking in nutrients. Mega farms with mono-crops create an unbalance in the system and affect millions of other living organisms that depend on natural diverse ecosystems. Animals farmed as if they were things... We're losing respect for all life around us and this will not take us to a good place :(

If you look at nature, you will see that exponential growth of anything will eventually (sooner rather than later) collapse.

So, instead of focusing on producing-producing-producing, we should be looking at ways of living more in tune with nature. Always giving back to the earth more than what we take. Respecting all life around us, plants, animals and other people.
the only way to feed the world population is to have more people grow their own food, back in WW2 era, alot of families did have their own little plot of food, had chickens, and in towns and cities especially in brittian took their food waste to a local farmer who owned pigs and fed it to them, instead of throwing it in the trash that would end up in the dump. Even if we turn away from our wasteful way of society we would not have alot of the problems we have today. More is not always better.

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