The Future of Farming & Agriculture

The Future of Farming & Agriculture

Now I want to become a Farmer, A DIGITAL FARMEER
Watch this video because if it happens you won't have to worry about money anymore.
How far we have come in a relatively short time is amazing. Tho it's also insane how overly complicated things are becoming especially those who were considered basic less then 2 decades ago. Thanks for the great video!
We embrace all this technology and innovation, allow GMOs, yet our children are among the sickest in any developed country in the world. Sicknesses range from all kinds of autoimmune disorders to all levels of neurological disorders. By 2032 1 out of 2 children born will be diagnosed with Autism. We also have the highest SIDS rates and the craziest, out of control, vaccination schedule.
Ya think we might be doing something wrong? 🤔
Megaprojects on Indonesia, you should definately check it out
so amazing.
Wow thanks
Vertical farming is environmentally freindly since it eliminates the land use and clear cutting. To solve the power problem. Nuclear, Nuclear Fusion, Dams (which you need for the water anyway), and anything else that doesn't involve burning but doesn't take up a lot of space to produce the energy. Heck, if we're gonna murder the environment with suburbs anyway, why not cover every house with solar?
The world evolved in the wrong direction. That´s the real problem.
very good
You need to watch this
I can’t say more on how I enjoy this channel. Absolutely the best
I suggest you make a video about the Resource Based Economy, The Venus Project, The Zeitgeist Movement...
Thanks so much. So are you promote theis technology or you are the academic
Brilliant episode!
And in my home country people still rely on monsoons
Well we do already produce enough food to feed 11 billion people. But a lot is wasted.
automation is the future. money serves no purpose anymore, either does jobs and working. look into the venus project my friends it is a world were every human can live freely without law, war, crime, borders, debt, politics everything. it all goes away. its a truly free society there are no leaders, its a technical an scientific system designed to serve humanity as a whole. freeing people up to do and achieve the greater things, and do whatever you wish to set out to do. we dont need capitalism or governments or anyone watching over us or controlling us. this is the future my friends and its for everyone, nobody is left out. look into the venus project it is the key to saving are ecosystem and insuring that we can help and save humanity also.

if we keep on this track with no next move this system will collapse and by that point anything can happen, we must have another step to the evoultion of our society and its this right here, automation.
Amazing video
Every migrant worker's nightmare

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