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The Future of Farming

The Aquaculture stuff is most interesting. We need to tap into marine nutrients more.
When are USA farmers gonna stop using anything Monsanto
That's so amazing, man.
Double the food production? For 10 000 million people?
ridiculous idea...

By the way - incoming Grand Solar Minimum will decrease food production to the level about ~10%, how do you want feed 10 billion people? Forget about clean water for them, clothes, fuel and machines...
P.S.I finally disliked- what is WRONG with you! CO2 is USED to boost the production in greenhouses!!! It is good life gas! Provenby satelites, grening on Sahel...
10:30- how funny idiots,in this years most of crop were dying from flood damage...
Technology is doing amazing things with different farms. Autonomous Solutions Inc., is one company that is helping the farming industry. They are doing some amazing things!
The future of farming is massive corporations buying all the land and farming it autonomously with robots.

The family farm is going to be a thing of the past. Even families that hold out will just be undercut and bankrupt by the corporations and their land will be gobbled up to.

The future is a corporotocracy.
Agricultural water project in Ecuador, going through the serious earthquake in 2016, these Glass-Fused-to-Steel tanks are safe and sound. Center Enamel is the first GFS Bolted tanks manufacturer in Asia
People need to get back on the land to produce food for themselves. Total mechanizing will kill the current civilization
which bacteria do you use
looks good
Africa still waiting for old advancement, and still hungry to the bone, but it never came,
pretty fishy these advancements only help rich countries specifically the US
Blessings and anointing of Israel, always new every day, praise God.
very interesting
prefiro a agricultura orgânica artesanal.
They should liquefy all the useless humans, and feed them to some hungry tomatos
Frickin idiots grow fish locked in small containers. No plants, no phytoplankton, no natural mud or ground or micronutrients and organisms and other stuff.... May you be grown in such conditions yourselves if you continue to do what you do. Insane greedy humanity. Farmed fish like that is criminal. You can only maybe start off baby fish lives in big batches and then let them into the wild waters. YOu cannot keep them locked up like this. They have feelings and brain and family sense, and babies and etc. Go research.
I hate humanity... Industrial farming of land and sea/ocean animals is sick. You are muppets ruining animal welfare for selfish greedy needs. Overeating of meat and fish and eggs and animal products, while keeping poor animals locked up like some frickin property in terrible conditions. Would you like to be grown like they are? SICKOS! I think you do not want your kids to be grown like you grow animals... Maybe you should feel how it feels... ?

Permaculture, free range, organic, regeneraive farming, natural feeds, not separating babies from parent animals, not keeping fish locked in small containers all their life... Stop being zombies!
Thank you this was very helpful and informative 👍👍

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The word agriculture is a late Middle English adaptation of Latin agricultūra, from ager, "field", and cultūra, "cultivation" or "growing".