The Guinea pig song

The Guinea pig song

My guinea pigs like this 😂
What the fuck
2019? And also really funny song i loved it! 😂😂😂👍
I have a hairless one and it looks like a burnt potato. I have to put sunscreen on him if he goes outside
Someone copied this and reuploaded it
Finally, my YouTube recommendations work
My Guinea pigs watched this and purred in agreement.

So I said... What have you got planed?
The Guinea pigs said:
I fell off my chair.
I play this song replay and my piggy be hopping around
lol, i cried laughing when watching this video
Anyone from fb
This is how the Internet became a thing
2019 and keep coming back to this song😂
I love it
This is golden
I want an extended version of this song so badly! Can you make a full version for this song please?
That’s adorable

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