The GOD I Know - City Harvest Church with Lyrics

The GOD I Know - City Harvest Church with Lyrics

Spotify don't have this song huhu
Beautiful song with beautiful panoramic view 👍👍
Thanks for this song. Amazing Lord. Jesus Christ.
May God Blessed CHC
what a nice song! :) very meaningful :)
I love this song
To God Be The Glory
Where did u find in the bible "the church he knows is faithful and true" " the church he knows the tower of refuge". Only God is faithful and true. Only our God os the tower of refuge and not the church
LIFE without GOD is useless. love you LORD becouse of you i can do anything and enemy depeat in your name.
You are the light of the world Lord.forgive us our sins.
I want a pure heart.
i love this song because we have a sellgroup
nice song
so touching, and blessful songs!! awesome!!! be blessed everyone 😀
The God I know. He is so awesome, He protects me and helps me overcome all my hardships in my life. Praise the Lord!
the only God i know. thank you Lord. You complete me💙
I really like this song.
ilove you jesus for me the song is great i know your love for me is the best great for me

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