Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain at TEDxComoxValley

The Gene Revolution, The Future of Agriculture: Dr. Thierry Vrain at TEDxComoxValley

Thank you for video!
GMO's are dangerous to animal and human health which is why they are banned in 38 countries. GMO's cause allergies, autism, infertility, leaky gut and cancer and many other diseases.
Pourquoi le son de la vidéo a-t-il été volontairement supprimé ?
You wouldn't know this but unless you were buying street drugs, almost
no child required them, Vaccines were rare and unnecessary.
This was the 1950's and 60's.
Your fascination with drugs came with a promise; more cancer autism, biological damage to humans is now more than at any time in history. I am not being spurious, that is a fact. The list of side effects on most pharma drugs is extensive.
The old adage (for human beings) safe than sorry does not apply any longer and perhaps since the war as many grievous tests have been applied under CIA operators/agents in Canada and the states. MKUltra, Phoenix provide evidence the science community would sell our human ass for a paycheck.
Safe than sorry
the rest of you are crazy assholes.
White bullshit
write "potato" (also looked "Solanum tuberosum" trust me) or "gmo" in ""The Lancet"" site you get no results.
also tried to find any article from ""journal of immunology”” it also showed no results from before the lecture, but two years later, in the same journal Dr. Thierry Vrain mentiond stated: “Our data suggest that Cry1Ab proteins had no detectable systemic adjuvant effect in mice after airway exposure. Further experiments with purified plant proteins, as well as long-term exposures needs be conducted to further evaluate exposures experienced in real-life situations.”

Took me five minutes.
Promote mixed crop cultivation then no need of things what you have explained. People like you should responsible for all disasters in the earth like cancers, diabetics etc..... also destroying bio diversity. Once general public unveil the reality of this they will curse people like you... earth is not belong to you and me but its belong to all living beings ...
Given the known high incidence of tumors in the Sprague–Dawley rat, normal variability cannot be excluded as the cause of the higher mortality and incidence observed
Many weeds have always been resistant to "roundup". These aren't. "superweeds".
I am a biologist i invented magic herbicide. I never published and did not tell anybody, because i wait for the higest bidder and investor for my idea. HiHi the price for my idea 2 mill. Euro. per shot. Contact if you are willing to pay to
This video is a total scam. It is titled the future of agriculture but all it talks about is how round up ready crops cause allergies or organ damage. So what is the preference more toxic chemicals? The future is about looking for new solutions not just criticising one approach. What is the mode of damage or increase in allergies? I guess his position is we don't know anything about anything which is a pretty useless argument. Make a new title called, 'Agriculture: We don't know' and I'll save my time and skip the video and save 17 minutes and 38 seconds of my life.
Dr. Vrain is trying to manipulate your ignorance for the corporate organic agenda and is not to be trusted.
Dr. Vrain is a purveyor of pseudoscience. Dr. Vrains credentials are often overstated by his supporters. He is not a plant biologist or a reliable source of information. His corporate organic agenda is against every respected peer reviewed paper. Don't be a tool of the corporate organic agenda. Don't trust me, learn how to conduct your own quality research that can easily see past Dr. Vrain's lies with a few quick searches into his reliability from trusted skeptics that I am already familiar with.
Whether GMO or organic pesticide/herbicide/fungus, you have to rotate your method of treatment to prevent/slow the emergence of resistant genes. At least with GMO, you can engineer an even better GMO that resolves the new resistances.
Pyrethrins are organic pesticides that can be pressed from some chrysanthemum flowers. These are natural poisons that protect plants from insect damage. We press it from those flowers and spray them on organic crops to control insects. We don't really know their impacts on human health. Fact is, we need to control insects on some crops in order to get useable crop. I'm not talking about a simple hole in an apple. Some pests completely rot the crop and fill it with feces. I would rather engineer the genes for well tested proteins into my food to protect them from pestilence than spray them with organic pesticides whose modes of action are poorly understood.
Thank you Brother Thierry I never push like before
I'm here supporting the Truth it's now 2016 June 28th
We in the US now have over 500 + Million Acres Weed Resistance and it now about to be Sprayed with DICAMBA since Round Up will not longer kill the weeds Far more Dangerous for the environment as well as Humans
Here's the saddest part US Environmental Protection Agency EPA had extended an Open comment forum twice to listen to concerns. complaints , suggestions any type of Complaints um Less than 3ooo US Citizen Responded I was 1 of he 300 thousand voicing and responding It really shocked me more people did not take part Oh So Scary and SAD . And Now its going to replace Round Up Ready
So very Thankful I live at the beach an not by any of the area where there starting to SPRAY AIR QUALITY SOIL CONTAMINATION
However the #Chemical #pesticide Run off will poison more lake, rivers, stream ponds, and of course my Home The OCEAN #SaveOurSeas #SaveOurOcean #goorganic #OnlyOrganic and now more than ever~~~EVERY Citizen has to wake up and take ACTION on put #TermLimitsOnCongress as well as our Supremecourt and Lets not forget Clarence thomas our SupremeCourt jsticist was Monsanto's Lawyer for for 4 years prior to taking the Supreme Court Seat
People WE HAVE THE POWER STOP BEING SO LACKADAISICAL Together We The People Can DO THIS Turn off your TV's TURN OFF Your NETFLIX get to know your City and start there Exercise your Power Peacefully Once you take time and educate on What term Limits and the History is all about see and watch the Video Highly educational as well as Informative on TermLimitsOn Congress Facebook
Thank You Dear Brother Thierry Vrain For all you' ve and continue to do Sending you the Best BJ~Life `in Up ==BLESSINGS and JOY In UNITY and PEACE Big Hugs :)
Humans thrive thanks to agriculture since thousands years. Their only mean of "genetic engineering" was manual selection.

I think birth rates are the most urgent problem in many countries, not sustainable, at all ! and with modern agricultural technologies, we could easily live with older seed varieties, even if productivity would be much lower.
He says DNA isn't toxic, no matter where from? Seems to me like scientists believe they know everything.
Herbicide kills the micro life in your soil. what a joke it's not majic.
weeds are just other plants. 100% organic is the only way to live.

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