The Forgotten Rural America | Mikayla Bodey | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

The Forgotten Rural America | Mikayla Bodey | TEDxOhioStateUniversity

Very well spoken and it is a huge concern for the whole of America. But hard to feel too sorry for them when they vote against their own interest.
The description of this talk is misleading. Ms. Bodey does NOT malign the political left. She is calling for attention to the rural brain drain which results in less diversity of views and less attention to progressive change in rural communities. 5:17 to 5:28 This is an informed and persuasive talk about the future of rural America.
Let rural America die. lol, farmers....
Mikayla - your words are profound and inspiring. Thank you for raising these important issues and responsibilities of rural America. You are one of 6 million 4-H'ers and 25 million alumni who can make a difference in our future!

2014 | 30 | 11m 2s

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