The fascinating process of human decomposition

The fascinating process of human decomposition

Watch this and thank me later...
Flies/maggots natures clean up crew for mammals. pretty interesting that the dead body fluids will kills everything around it, but will be nutrient rich and likely bringing more plant life around it next year or so.
it reminds me of Diogenes ,who expressed the wish to feed his dead body to vultures .so that, atleast in death, He can be useful to someone.
This is why I want them to cremate me when I die.
The one dislike is a Dead corpse.
rich or poor this is the end
Nice video of a DEAD HUMAN
Oh my poor grandma 😭💔
Whatsup with that background music though?
Reality of human life!
logan paul should come
.... Merp
Life as we know it is a Failed Plan .
One of my neighbors died in their apartment and no one realized it until the body exploded all over the walls. I came home from work Wednesday night and my apartment smelled like vomit but I thought it was just the trash. I even put my head in the trash and cat litter box to see if that was where the smell was coming from but it wasn't what I was smelling. They took the body away Thursday afternoon while I was sleeping. I noticed Servepro cleaning up the mess on Friday while I was doing laundry and that was when my neighbor told me about everything. I wonder how long it's going to be before someone else moves into that apartment...
When I die I don’t really care what happens to my body lol if the flies wanna go at it, they can go at it, consider it a gift. I’m not using it anyway
I had to close my YT just to be able to drink my water
Stop overusing the word essentially
This is the weirdest episode of "My Little Pony" I have ever seen.
no thank you

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