The fascinating process of human decomposition

The fascinating process of human decomposition

it’s that side of youtube again
we all have a living maggot that lives inside of all of us and when we die it comes out thats why decomposition happens
Jake Paul?
This.made me vomit
Isn’t it strange that we all know this destiny and we still act arrogantly ...
how long would it take embalming fluid to kill an alive specimens?
i like how flesh rots
Very interesting to see
I wonder how people that are obsessed with their looks, thought of this video lol..
ms-13 victims?
Men I look beautiful when I die.
For everyone in the comments section, I advise all of you to look into the religion of Islam. To believe in the oneness of God. Even if, when you die you become nothing but a rotting corpse, what will you lose? Absolutely nothing. However, imagine dying without ever believing in God, and finding out in your grave, there is a God, and your punishment is waiting. Now ponder upon this and ask yourself, is it worth not believing if there is a chance you might be wrong? when you can easily believe and be right no matter what the final outcome is? "Every soul shall taste death" (Quran 3:185).
Ok, yeah, but where do they get the bodies from. Why are they going into boxes and not burials?
Did they donate their bodies to science, card and everything, or were they dead homeless people no one decided to treat like humans?
Just turn your body into dust
I’m donating my body to science. I just don’t want them pointing and laughing.
I want to be cremated before I die but it would be scary because you might think your gonna remember your old life, but you won’t unless you some how do, and it would just be scary
omg so much maggots
This is so disgusting! I am convinced: I want to be cremated!
When I die, I want my body in those body farms
I think it’s a beautiful Process. Science. In our society we are afraid of death. Why?

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