The Evolution of Farming Simulator 🚜 (2008-2018)

The Evolution of Farming Simulator 🚜 (2008-2018)

Czekam na fs21
Intro is panzoid
Kurła kiedyś to było nie to co ten fs19 jakieś scierwo
What about Nintendo switch version of farming sim?
damn fs 2009 was a good time ... buying a mower /driving up on the highest mountain / flip the mower on the head / connect it with the tractor again /
 watch yourself explore the universe outside our solarsystem
кто собирал бутылки в ФС ставит лайк ! )))))
I play the LS15
Я щас играю в 14 15 17 и 19 фермы
They changed so much from fs 2009 to fs 2010/2011
Есть русские? Гже скачать порт на андроид? Самый первый был из смарт версий. Это же шедевр даже по сравнению с 2018 фермером.
FS Simulator 19 kab tak aayega
compare the first one to the last one.
They made such big steps from version to version! Been playing it since the 2008 Version and still love it now while playing the 2019th Version!
Fs19 ta muito top qm diria q o 2009 viro tudo isso
Nothing changt haha
FS 13 💕
real farming the best

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