The Evolution of Farming Simulator 🚜 (2008-2018)

The Evolution of Farming Simulator 🚜 (2008-2018)

Finally, we can ride horse without mod in 19.
The best game FarmingSimulator🚜🚜🚜👍👍👍😀😀😀‼️‼️‼️
There was No fs18 fs18 is not a thing
The "leap" between the games are just minor. Fs19 still looks shit. I dont know why giants cant seem make a realistic game while others can. Giants new features is stuff that all other devolopers have had in games for years. I know its money and their not a very big devoloper, but still! The games are fun but Far Cry for instance is more of a simulator, both in handling and visuals x2000 the size of the map. Why cant giants improve? All they brag about is that they added a bird in the new game or something else minor. I cant buy a new game because of a bird. But thts their way of improving. Nontheless, im hoping fs 27 will be a looker. 😉
1st Fs19 2nd Fs 17 3rd Fs18
You dont say 2013-2012. But you say 2012-2013
FS 11 the nostalgia...

...of every tractor being a deutsch fahr
2013 farm start moding the game 2018 ride horses doesnt have a reason to use mods bc everything is already here
I was play Farming Simulator 17 yesterday.
So they make a farming sim then port it to mobile the next year? Or make a whole new one for mobile
same shit since 2008 ;D
Song at the fs17 trailer?
i was play 11 13 14 15 17
The farming simulator 2019
will receive for my birthday, coming out on November 20, and will be delivered from 21-23 November if you order me like me.
When uk you can't have farmsim19 bc your laptop won't run it 😣
Bei LS 17 der Trailer war fake
Louay khemiri your video is the best especially for farming

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