The Cud, Episode 5, The perfect cattle handling system

The Cud, Episode 5, The perfect cattle handling system

I do a lot of beef cows through a race like that but with solid sides and a walkway just below waist height you can stand on and lean over the race to pd them all without catching them. Works great, very fast, just have them reasonably tight.
When I'm working with my cattle, we have a holding pen, then an alleyway going up to the chute, I usually push one up at a time, safest way, that I was taught, from my grandad and now it works greatly with my cattle herd.
Colony cowboys know how to build something that works fast
Does the bud box have gates on both ends were cattle go through like a ally way then drive them back
Sort mine at the shoot, 24' raceway with 2 back stops, also steel pipe fencing
Our vet brings his own top model silencer chute. Backs up and places it with a hydrabed modified to carry the chute. He catches each one but it's so smooth and fast
I know this is an older video, but I've got to say I loved it. I work cattle every day as a hoof trimmer and I have to catch each animal, of course. But there aren't too many things worse than a terrible setup. And I love the process of figuring out a good setup, it's one of my favorite parts of the job. Any time you can get a big group of cows in one area and then have a way to get a 4-6 into a smaller area with no where to go, is gonna be a good day. Great video, Cody.
Its Dang Hard to beat a down to earth savy vet!! i think youd be a blast to work with thanks for posting
More 'The Cud' Videos! Pls!
Hey Cody, my family and I are big fans and enjoy watching your videos. Seeing as it fall and many producers will be weaning soon, I'd love to know your thoughts on pre-conditioning calves. Might be a good topic for The cud.
Love your videos and love the bud box design! Unfortunatley our system was built when the tubs were the in thing! We line them up to vaccinate and only catch the first one. The cows are well rehearshed in this method and flow right theough. However we catch everyone to preg.....which means when they hear the headgate open they all charge forward lol! The addition of a palp cage has improved our system greatly. Its just Dad Me and the Vet and we can run maybe 70 an hour
I love your videos Cody you are such an awesome guy!
A lot of the time when we are preg testing cows we are also doing something else with them, often bleeding/drenching/dosing them etc. I totally agree though, why catch a cow when you don't need to, why make a 55 minute call into a 2/3 hour call.

p.s as a first year vet student with a few of years experience working on properties, I am loving you videos. They are actually inspiring me to study, especially for the digestion anatomy practical exam we had this week! Keep up the good work Cody!

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