The Cannabist Show: Pot and Pesticides

The Cannabist Show: Pot and Pesticides

i use u v c light to prevent p m on the plants and pure neem oil throughout veg, then only u v c once a week during the last 6 weeks of flower and ive been testing good here in oregon, after a cycle when i clean the room its bleach then u v c everything and do a sulpher burn spores cant germinate on any surface then beyond that i cant think of any thing else to do.
CharloGreene :
Black market growers these dayz
Great video, so many people still rocking systemic pesticides like chemilled Avid, or Eagle20. Please do a report on the recent bust of the ''organic'' pesticide Guardian having chemicals put in it!

These guys sold and spammed all over youtube about Guardian being a good organic IPM for mites and PM last season..what a disgrace to the many truly organic farmers who fell for their lie and ruined an entire crop

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