The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

I was never into gardening and the idea of it felt meaningless to me. Why do I need to waste water on flowers and bushes to just look at? Then I stumbled upon a video of a guy growing food in his small back yard. I was instantly inspired. THAT I can see doing and enjoying. It makes sense financially and helps cut down our carbon foot print. On top of that its an instant biology lesson for our child. It took an initial investment of $250 on materials, soil, and seed to start up our backyard. But after one year of harvest we've already made our money back and then some. We're talking garden beds, manure, soil (to amend the existing soil in our backyard), drip irrigation system for the whole thing, gloves, etc. We also live in the Bay Area which is friken expensive, so our backyard is small compared to most homes. After the initial investment, the only other money we have to put in it is basically buying seeds and watering them. For the price of one tomato, we grow dozens.
Cool story bro, too bad commercial farming makes this insignificant, destroying the planet 1,000,000 cows at a time.
I don't know, how is it in Canada, but I was told that in U. S. almost all seeds are protected by licence of Monsato, so when you use them again, from your own crops, you break the law and Monsato's lawyers will strip you off. Fortunately, I live in Europe :)
The Dream must live on ;-)
If you can afford to attend an agricultural college and still have the available credit to hold the mortgage on the land then maybe check your privelage before you tell the rest of us it is easy to get into farming.
How is it 'amazing' to kill pigs and chickens for their meat which are very bad for our health to begin with? Better stick with growing plants.
We definitely should get back to our roots.
I am thankful to be a Farmer xoxoxoxo
Just simple gardening can teach you soo many things in life & help you in many more :)
I am from india..and i am a FARMER
I so hope that we are not actually on the edge of extinction. But there are too many interconnected positive feedback loops whose cumulative effect will be exponential in nature. Humans don't understand this word really. The potential for catastrophic abrupt climate change is just too high.
I love everything about this
I hate the sound of bell ringing I'm out of here.
I just turn 30 years old today and i've decided to be a farmer after watching this, take me there please😍
It's so refreshing to watch that!!
133 stupid people disliked this video. Who is gonna be the 134th?
I hate ..,. Canada , Australia ... They are three time bigger in size than India & 30 time less in population.

A big section of People are almost dyeing for food in Africa & India.

Why you not make your migration more flexible ... For farmer to grow more food. & export later.

Hay... this planet is not yours only .... Nationalism is fake.
It's looking like heaven,but in my agricultural land not that much, but beautiful, I feel this is the life,.I feel proud as me too farmer
I live far from my village n i miss it but now I need to go back n start farming there because in town I can't have this big area

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