The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

Let's start on our tiny backyard for practice. I live in a tiny townhouse, I'm growing garlic, green beans, snap peas, blueberries, potato, some Asian veges. Small but I will have free veges...
Wrong title. Should be Meet the last Generation of Farmers.
"The farm decides" so true....
This is such a beautiful interview! Holy cow! Amazing and props to the film/producers
i am a famer also, i am happy with was i do,i from bali a small islands at indonesia country,i live alone at rice fields,that was make me happyrst
This is the way of Life
"and you don't even know where that perfect is going". That right there is a rejection of the entire food system as it exists right now, I hope these kids are ready for a fight because there are people who are going to feel threatened by them. Making farming an art, not an industry, once again is the only way our society is ever going to change: but there's a lot that stands in the way of that. A lot of powerful people with lots of money and malicious intentions.
its all about having naturally grown food without any chemical additives to preserve, color or make food easier to be processable by machines (they add toxins so food won't get stuck in food processing machine)
Harvest Moon theme song plays
I want to do it..
Except India all other countries are proud of farmers and agriculture.
Such an interesting film. Especially the way sound was incorporated into it.
What a pity that the woman has so much vocal fry/uptalk/like
The nice place for relaxtion.
It's a shame they are still into meat eating and keeping chickens for eggs, this part of their mindset is Tamasic (ignorant ). The growing veggies is good.
so when hipsters have a garden it's called farming now
real farmers are vegan
Monsanto says we don't need no farmers!
What?! "corn crackers " and "opening the chickens and getting the eggs". I am going to report you!
Money is not needed to farm but helps. Most poor people are farmers - most Americans are sick or lazy and like the excuse they can't afford it when they couldn't physicaly bend down 10 times without breaking somehow.

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