The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

who are you? how can we all communicate? exchange experience?
I am crying . As it's such a passion and desire for me to be a farmer . Right now I am trying hard! To find and buy land in Egypt . It just seems impossible. . And like my dream is slipping away. I will not give up though. I have to be able to breathhhhh
I proud to you.
The cinematography is incredible
where do i sign up
Raised farming... I get that they are getting back to it. That's great. Why did it take so long? People make fun of the farm grown kids but... we never left behind what feeds us.
Canada has a very short summer season.
More, where can I find more?
Wow! i Love you beautiful lady!! i like your farm so much! God bless to you and the Whole family!😍😍😍
I love this. I just started a very small urban microgreen vertical farm in my apartment in Brooklyn. I am now in love with gardening and vertical farming. If there are any farmers here, what are the top tips you have for someone stuck in the city, but with an intense desire to bring people fresh, healthy food? Thank you!
Zero context or actual locations of these farms. Bad direction/storytelling.
Bloody cameraman. 🤡
I do stock trading in the morning and farming at the evening. Pretty good balance.
the first 20 seconds could be the opening for "mist"
that's my dream too to be a farmer and my friend around me dont believed if I want to be farmer ,they said I have setback life if I to be farmer..why no one appreciates,farmer is noble job
We live in a world of "division of labour". Most people live in built up areas such as towns and cities. Farming is therefore impractical even though it's appealing.
I am an accountant but I want to be a farmer. After being exposed to the real world of professional and industry. 🌻💕
This is the most inspirational video ive ever seen loved it been a farmer my whole life wouldn't have it any other way
I'm soo obssessed!!! Prettyyyyyyy

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