The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

Thank you for inspirational video. that's the kind of life that I want just like simple and surrounded by nature. That pretty bless
this is an absolutely AWESOME video for anyone who is younger or who has struggled throughout their life...there is a way..and this is it....
I have a farm if our indian government give us proper rates for our farm produced products I will happily go full time in my farm but low rates and heavy drought lack of good seeds .very polluted water and a bundle of loan crushing us and we don't have any possible way to survive rather than suicide.
I hope more millennials do this. They should make it a teaching farm.
I want to be a farmer more than anything in the world.... I have for a long time but I’m still trying to figure out how to get there. The path is not clear when you don’t come from a farming family, from big ag, and are in your 30s and can’t buy land in any of the 50 states bc of your student loan debt but be dammed I’m going to figure out how to grow food for you people. 🍃🧡🍃
Farming is a scam, best farms are at the Supermarkets!
Amazing stuff
Why don't you stop creating animals to KILL??? @govegan
How do I make the switch?
0:14 I thought my stomach was growling that loud
So very rewarding and beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Where’s my farmers of color??
Awesome I’ve been dreaming of quitting my job to start a new life with agriculture I’ve always had a thing for growing stuff just waiting for that right opportunity here in Hawaii is practically impossible for a small farmer to get a piece of land that doesn’t cost your whole life savings and more 😒 I just wanna be self sustainable instead of relying on that barge to bring food from thousands of miles away
PAUL GAUTCHI IS THE SUPREME MENTOR OF GARDENING and Back to Eden is the best farming
Seriously? A bucket of beets like that would be worth perhaps $3 in the supermarket. Do you know how long it takes to grow a bucket of beets for only $3?
Then subtract the retail profits, wholesale profit, transport costs, fertiliser costs, labour costs etc. Factor in weather disruption, fluctuations in market price, pests and disease.
Welcome to farming reality.
Beautiful short film
I'm in my 20s and I want to be a farmer living life off-grid
terrorist marxist communists are human cattle farming the land today
They are leading a good life🙂🙂
Mind changing video

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