The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

The Call of the Land: Meet The Next Generation of Farmers | Short Film Showcase

I heard Alberta was the only positive population growth everyone else was barely replacing population
People will.need land ..for this kind of fairy tale farming!
Everything you said is so true . So funny how people think farmers are uneducated crazy people but they themselves would all die without farmers .
A farmer once told me how to make a small fortune is to start with a large one.He was not joking.
there used to be nothing wrong with the modern way of life, but now the economy has failed and yeah, working is a waste of time since 90% of jobs couldn't get u a place to live anymore.
hardest part about farming is finding land. too expensive.
We need a farms corps similar to the peace corps.
Proud to be a farmer. It's not easy it's one of the toughest job in the world. Hats off guys
Wow..amazing people
In primary school my teacher asked us what we want to be when we grew up and I said I want to be a farmer. The response I got was YOU CAN'T BE A FARMER, THATS NOT A THING. Im now 32 and have quit my job to become a farmer and finally follow my own path in life and not the one indoctrinated into through the education system.
You must toil, you must not think that what you grow in soil(container or earth) its for your mouth and the mouths you care about. It’s not for the world or for money, it’s to save you from spending money on what you can do for yourself, that is the true need to farm. If you care about your government, then love it as yourself, otherwise love yourself and your neighbour if you can, like mushrooms distribute your energies for yourself and your local because the government is for everyone and you are for what you can reach.
True Humanity.
An inspiring video...upload more about farming...
absolutely gorgeous. Thank You Guys !! All of you.
True, farmers are getting older and young generations mostly don't like farming at all.
great:-) we're doing the same in germany since some years. it makes life more silent and beautiful. its an answer to many disorders in my experience.
wow i wish i could live here.
Its not that people don't want to farm they can't afford the start up costs , and parents need lots of money to retire and can't just give the the farm away ,and most farms won't earn enough to support 2 or 3 familys
Irony of farming in my country. First vegetables prices are cheap which makes it not profitable for a farmer and if they raise the price people can't afford but than if farmers can't raise prices they can't afford basic amenities which makes it unsustainable for them.
Nice, while Canada is destroying other countries ecosystems (mining) they can indulge in idyllic farming in their own soil.

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