The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

I just got a Ginnea pig yesterday, she’s albino and her name is marshmallow. I play this video so she is’t scared of me when I’m ner her. B/c all she dose is hang out by this little bridge I made her
As soon as the bird sound started my baby guinea pig ran into it's home like I've never seen before.
Lol my guinea pig likes this so much every time i try to change it He chews my phone and screams loud
My Riley just yawned and is mad chill now!
Thank you for this amazing music!
Thank you so much! My guinea pig I've had her since 2015 and she's still very nervous and hasn't gotten used to me. I had been trying so hard to get her to relax and like me and when I played this I rolled her up in a blanket and put her on my lap. She stopped making chattering noises and fell asleep.
Mine where ok until I put this on then they ran scared Into their house lol. Couldn't believe it lol
My guinea pig would not stop chirping and finally I found this video to calm her down
My Guinea pig took a nap but some reason I look under my bed and see my dog sleeping but this worked for both my dog and my Guinea pig thank u😇
She stunned lol what does that mean
My little piggie almost fell asleep on my knees.. And then after a while she crawled up slowly on my chest, and gave me a kiss 😭💕 Thank you for doing this!
Lol I had this on and my guinea pig fell asleep I thought that I could exit out and go to bed myself.........NOPE my guinea pig turned around (facing me) and stared into my eyes....I was like okay okay I’ll turn it back on JEEEEZ
Oreo didn't really sleep,but she laid down. I have only had her for 2 days and this is the 1 thing that makes her yawn and peaceful. I am so grateful😘😁😄😊🐹🎵🎶🎹
Thankyou so much. When I'm typing this,this is the second day with her,Oreo. She is so relaxed. But no thx for the ad,it desterbed Oreo,but other than that,Thankyou so much!
My guinea pig was so depressed, he wanted to die. He wanted to hang himself. But my nigga Hank mcNuts has been saved. He is now training to become a disabled astronaut. He is stable now and has a nice family of 435 with his wife Julia mcNuts. His days of tying too eat his own limbs and children are over. Thanks nigga. You saved my nigga mcNuts.

This put me and my pigs to sleep😍
Omg this is so helpful thanks
thankyou so much I got my kid a guinea pig named snow ball and now there curled up togeather asleep
Myn stop yelling and coddle and r soo relaxed they love u I use it for me to go to slep

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