The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

She's singing awww
my pig got so calm he peed on my lap
One of my two guinea pigs died last night. We played this for our surviving piggy all night. She was super sad this morning, but the music helped her a ton. :)
This music makes me cry my piggy loves it so much and it is precious my piggies are my best friends
Ma guinea pigs loves it
This helped my pig when I give him baths
I placed my guinea pig on my belly and turned this song on. He started searching for something and climbing on me. He wasnt even scared.
Update: He is laying under my neck really relaxed, Thank you so much!
Omg thxs I live ur channel and my pet he’s so Annoying and always mad and anxious and now he’s just relaxed and falls asleep thank u!! Ur a life savef
Cute and I love it and my pets love it too
My guinea pig named Dodo is now calmer and laid on my belly very comfortably. I think he's gonna fall asleep soon. Thx smm!!!
I’ve only had my piggies for a week and a half and they have been so much more friendly to me ever since I put this on
I had a guinea pig, it was the most optimistic living being I've ever met, she would be happy all the time and would cheer my other guinea pig who was very scared and anxious, they were both females and loved each other in a sibling way, I wanted to make them feel loved and safe, one day my happy guinea pig wasn't eating anymore and laid down all day, I went to the vet to see what was wrong, after that they gave her medicine to recover, she making noises in pain and my other guinea pig was trying to get her to react when I came back home and I watched slowly as she died at December 3rd of 2018 at 8 pm in front of me in my laps.

All I could think of is that the medicine killed her.
Do guniea pigs close their eyes if they goto sleep someone ease tell me 😭🤔🤨!
Tysmmm my guinea pig was trying to get out her cage and she calmed down a bit :)
My guinea pig was freaking out because the stuff ontop of her bedding fell and the shoes made a big boom and she ran to me and layed next to my leg and i turned this on when she got back in her cage after play time.
This was going GREAT so far. I just bought my guineas today and put this on so they could calm down a little. I turn my back for a sec and THEY JUMP on each other. But later, they fell asleep, so we good.🙂
My new Guinea Pig loves this he was anxious and his breathing was off, soon after I started this he got calmer and started to drift off, thank you so much.
حيواني انصدم 😄😄
I played this for one of my guineapigs and I think he fell asleep. He is normally very anxiety and nervous. He became very calm and in piece. Even I, holding my hands over his back. We were connected and affected to each other. :) I had to move one of my hands to get back my feeling, he woke up and stretched all his legs and yawned. Soo sweet! I felt he had come down in relaxation. Wow! Thank you for this! <3 //Nisse and Maria

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