Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

My Guinea pig died yesterday 😞❤️ His name was Fluffy and he liked your music alot 💕
My guinea keeps giving long purrs and barely squeaks like she used to always do thank you for this it was therapy for me and mochi(my guinea pig)
Well my guinea pig is sleeping in my arms
Me and my pig chillin. He is eating grass 😂😃😃
My guinea pigs companion died at the age of 1 due to a chest infection... 😭😭
played this for my guinea pig that was passing away in my arms, honestly helped so much to relax her..thank you times a million for helping me with my baby
My Guinea pig loved this, it calmed him a lot and made him super tired 👌😁
One of my boys throws tantrums, and this is instantly helping him as I type. He’s a lot more calm now, he’s silently eating some pellets at the moment, and has stopped his tantrum.
This helped a lot my baby guinea pig Parker didn’t ever sleep so he was tired all the time till I cuddled up with him and played this on my phone while I watched my stuff on my computer.he fell FAST asleep within a minute I’ve been putting this on before I go to bed every night and it’s worked hes more active,responsive and happy since. thank you
My guinea pig was eating lettuce and tried to go under the couch so many times
Wow this really works
When I played this song for my guinea pig she was really quiet and when I touched her she didn’t make any noise like she usually does
My ginuea pig died 4 days before my bday today I still can’t get over it she was only 5 the last song she listened to was bts new song boy with luv .... 😢
Had this music on while my guinea pig died whit a blanket on her, and giving her some carrots. R.I.P my dear Happy. I will always remember you and your good times with me. Bye, my dear.
My guinea pig Alphonse calmed down instantly, incredible work
Aww... my guinea pig is purring on my lap
My guinea pigs hate me how do I make them love me😭
I can’t move now 😂
My Guinean pig has been scared for months. When I first got her I never touched her because I knew that would stress her out. Once a month or so went by I was scared that she hasn’t warmed up to me or my other Guineas yet. Whenever it’s feeding or floor time I play this and week by week you can see her coming out of her shell. Now she is the most adventurous and curious guinea I have.

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