The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

The BEST Remedy For Your Anxious Guinea Pig! The Only Pet Therapy For your Depressed Guinea Pig

Get well soon to Pumpkin my guinea pig. She has a massive scratch in her eye and it has turned a weird color. We have to give her medicine 2X a day.
Comment and like please and she might get better. If you comment this then I will sub to all ur channels.
update: he is sleeping on my shoulder
why is my guinea pig squawking like a chickens?
but aren’t birds guinea pig’s predators out in the wild ?
My guinea pig had a very stressful day at the vet today. This music seems to have helped him to relax.
Moja swinka miała od tej muzyki łzy w oczach..... dlatego ze zle traktowano ją w zologiczyn nie dawano jesc miała całe plecybw ranach az sama sie popłakalam :, (
I love your channel!!!
play music for my three piggy boys every day while I work. What I don't understand is why there are birds chirping in the background! guinea pigs hate birds/
My Guinea Pig ( Hammy ) subscribed to your channel! Yay 😜💖😍👌🎶
I just got my guinea pig today and it gave me a kiss
This is amazing music it helped my guinea pig that split his ear in two be a little more calmer
Been watching for 2 hours
My guinea pig came up to me and lay on my face edit this works for me to
My piggy is just lying there, asleep thanks to this
The only pet therapy for your depressed guinea pig: PLAY WITH IT AND GET IT A FRIEND!
oh no not the ads
My piggie fell asleep in my arms😍💓
I'm listening with my guinea pig dexter and in the Background I here my other guinea pigs yelping and grunting but Dexter is loveling it Thankyou he has only been here a day and he is so happy for the music and I am to I say as he makes an epic escape from me
For some reason, my guinea pig has been very stressed out today. I turned this on, and now she's almost sleeping! Thank you sooooo much! :) <3
My guinea pig love hear pic pac

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