The Bases Lectures Graham Harvey: Dangers in Agriculture

The Bases Lectures Graham Harvey: Dangers in Agriculture

We need this information going viral and the press in this county should be informing
the general public.
Farmers are compromised and have to use dangerous chemicals, we are being poisoned
by chemical warfare. Nutrition is being completely stripped out of food. The soil is saturated with not only synthetic manure but all the dangerous waste full of dangerous bacteria. THE OILING OF AMERICA BY SALLY FALLON on youtube is essential viewing if wanting to keep healthy. DEFRA who are supposed to look after our environment and health say that ROUNDUP READY WEEDKILLER containing GLYSOPHATE  is safe. This is a complete lie.
There is a growing recognition in America that ROUNDUP is a cancer causer. I believe that anyone who promotes this poison to the human body is being made to by the powerful corporations. Graham Harvey needs to be listened to.
So interesting ....and true... I had 2 cancers and I cannot eat the foods I loved before....the junk foods....
Thank you for the video. Very good points and agree it’s a much better way and I like you’re talking about mirco’s .
Not in all cases but what was on the land before the farm? Lots of TREES. If we all grew are own food we could stop over farming we could help repairing the land, air, wild life etc.. Just about anywhere you go peoples yards are unused land with lots of grass. That’s the bigger issue were not taking advantage of our own lands, but wasting water on the grass that does nothing for you. Shame on the people for thinking they need 100% store bough food. What I can grow in under 200 square feet would blow you away. My goal this summer and through next the winter-(growtent) is to not buy store food, and eat what I grow only. I know I’ll be able to do this because I’m mostly doing it now. I’m still a newbie grower learning lots as I go. Without going into a long story how I recommended every one watch lots of John Kohler (YouTube) very passionate guy it will change your mind on how to grow food, also (YouTube) “Back to Eden Organic Gardening film”.
Miles - this guy is one of your best speakers. I had no idea about any of this before viewing this video - and it is important material. Very important. And very well explained.
Fascinating lecture. (Rather better than all that rubbish from Princess Sarah and her dopey boyfriend.)
It's interesting to think that Danielle la Verite is a slim woman with lush thick hair and when she was unable to attend her replacement was her physical opposite.
his timeline of agriculture is way out
omg, never tought i would watch that paleo nonsense here. omg. its sad. starch based and ideally organic (raw) vegan for the win.. even your beloved harald said that... . basically this nonsense gives those corpse eater and pain inducer an other excuse for their blood and smoke ritual habit. agriculture ist a must in our times. its how we do it. yes we do it wrong and we are tricked by the concernes, but thats no reason to abandon it... .
Just watch the following movies on youtube and you will undestand that the cause of all our illnesses is eating animal proteins and refined sugar: 'A Delicate balance, the truth', 'Cowspiracy' and 'Earthlings'. 'After watching these movies, congratulate yourself as you are now a vegetarian or even a vegan!
Excellent and key. culture comes from agriculture. Your roots are the roots you planted. Went to som bloody good raves on farms aswell... raises 50 grand in one night. TOP MAN GRAHAM HARVEY. More lectures like this and the MI5 bloke on law and we'll be getting there. Need Casbolt to guard it. I am up for it. Let's do this . Gotta vote where my tax money goes and we could party hardy mardy!
Very interesting indeed thanks miles ... love to you.
Nice. Vids are getting practical.
Interesting talk should be in schools
I added grain to my large animal diet and the wild turkeys dig thru it causing great carbon to occur. Love ur video...
Doesn't hemp take in more Co2? Regenerates soil, is a food, medicine, building material, etc, etc, etc, X 1000. And, no need to cut down any tree. There's the reason 'they' banned it.
This harkens back to the "Ishmael" - 1992, a novel by Daniel Quinn followed by "The Story of B". Just read that and you'll know just where and why we are here at this crossroads of "farm" and agriculture. More herding in my opinion, herding the people into the cities, herding the cattle into the factory farms, etc. etc. Global Agenda Sustainable Agenda.

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