Clark Harris Womens Jersey  The Art of Breeding Cattle

The Art of Breeding Cattle

Kilos ?
Very good bulls
I love Angus 👍
Naice cow
Is it ur own farm?
Beautiful animals! Nice tempered, too. 💖🐃💖
Facebook: pastureequipments
Scotland really knew what they had back in the day. Here in the states these animals are expensive in the grocery store.
Beautiful cattle there sir---the only difference I notice, and this is probably of no consequence, from here in the USA(Kentucky) is your cattle are longer legged than many of the angus I see around here.
sweet job. :)
Put a Charolaise bull and make some meat.....
Crikey, those are some good bulls mate!
Nice Angus bulls🙂
Bulls on steroids.
Fact..........68% of meat eaters will get colonic cancer
Thats one nice looking bull !!!
I saw there where two bulls walking together. Why do you have them together I thought they would fight
Good angus bull

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