Terraria Tutorials 'Pre-Hardmode checklist/Wall of Flesh Battle'

Terraria Tutorials 'Pre-Hardmode checklist/Wall of Flesh Battle'

7:03 does that still work?
Just hope that you don’t get goblin armies in hardmode
It’s really easy to get a lot of sticky bombs and spam them till you get to hell to prevent underground spread
2:48 I'm monky
I summoned the wall of flesh not thinking I could beat it. But i did completely unprepared for hardmode
Dude use a mini shark with the bullets that bounce once i forget the name
I gained most of the things he got pre hardmode in hardmode
Yo. Can corruption spread through Lizharhd bricks (player placed)... was looking at building an entire world-temple-home.... ???
This exactly what i was looking for lol. Not sure if i should fish and farm crates or not before hardmode, still need to craft some potion to adventure hell still haven't found balloon and stuff i just want wings lol
so is like the hallowed a good one and the corruption opposite?
I'm scared that the corruption, crimson, or the hallow with go on my base, and my best weapon is a unpleasant nights edge and a flamarang, and a sharanga, full molten armour, my other weapons are demonic aqua staff, meteor bullets, superior musket, minishark, imp staff, and mythical water bolt.
Does the wood work on console??!!!???
Nice video!
I got in my lizard temple in prehardmode because it had a hole in the side of the wall
dude pls make how to stop corruption or crimson best way pls
I love seeing how far you have come!
Would the star cannon be better to use against the wall of flesh? And how come you didn't get burned by the lava?
Let me talk about vile/purification powder...... They can get rid of the hallowed and corruption respectively and if you don't have a pickaxe that's good you can turn part of the corruption or crimson to mine to the heart or orb also purification powder can break the orb and heart so no hammer needed. vile powder gets rid of the hallowed which means you won't have a unicorn charging at you while you walk through the biome.
ok "ballon in a boltle"i mean really

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