Terraria Tutorial 'Biome Farms'

Terraria Tutorial 'Biome Farms'

I am in 2018 he sounds different he has come a long way
Hey man I know I'm pretty late but this is still useful today. I could NOT figure out biomes until this video. Thank you for real.
Who's watching in 2018? 😁😜😜
5 blocks apart to keep the biomes from spreading, and separate the biomes using materials that can't be changed/corrupted. Got it.
Thank you very much for this, needed it terribly so. Since I have a lot of time on my hands and I am currently digging out an entire world to create bubble biomes closely to my shed of the world (shed of the world will contain everything I got from digging the world up). I think it's going to be a big shed. x'D
are you secretly dantdm?
I once tried it.
help me pls
I know this is two months away but Same
Come on this video needs more likes
but how do you make sand biomes?
Im early
I'm in 2017 and the happy has changed so much
Hey Happy Days, How do you make the mini corruption biome? I Didn't here ya.
How many biomes are there??
Well done man
Hi Madame Player! Thanks for checking out this vid and for joining our channel! I'm sure you'll have a great time here! Stay Happy :)
Thanks! I seriously needed to know how to do this!
(You earned a sub for teaching me!) :)
Hi Phoebus3309 thanks for checking out my vid and commenting! I really appreciate it!

Dart traps! Of course! I didn't think of that. The wiring shouldn't be too complex (just need lots of wire!)

Thanks for the tip :)
You might be able to hook up dart traps on the side with switches to take out a lot of the grass/mushrooms to make it go a little faster. :o I'm starting on a few of mine and I couldn't remember the spacing for placement. 

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