Terraria Traps Tutorial & Actuator Guide! (Tips & Tricks For Events, 1.3 + console/mobile)

Terraria Traps Tutorial & Actuator Guide! (Tips & Tricks For Events, 1.3 + console/mobile)

I'm having trouble with building an arena, I want to keep my traps actuated so enemys can walk through but with the timer it switches off every time. I have the actuators hooked up to a switch with green wire and the traps with red wire and a 1 sec timer but the wires overlap.
Traps are gay
Can a drax orr a shoe digging claw work to dig jungle temple traps?
Hey,I do know how to build them,But i'm kinda lazy,So i only take step by step stuff,not the ones i need to think of
If we put actuator on the lizard brick, dose it work?
Traps are gay.
I just keep commenting on your vids because it’s fun when a youtuber you look up to responds to you.
This video helped me slot with traps and stuff,
Thanks for the tips and tricks

The dart traps have a cooldown of 3.33, not the spear traps. The spear traps are 1.5 sec.
Also you should use Yellow Pressure Plates so you can walk across them without setting them off and mobs will set them off.
which can kill mobs faster spear traps, flamer traps or spikey ball?
I got 107 spike ball traps in 1 jungle temple if I wasn’t ahead of golem I would have died
so i wanna have my traps invisible so i can go trough them is that possible while having a one second timer using the traps while the traps stay invisible plz respond
Thank you I needed those traps to help me defeat some of the frost moon wish me luck 😁👍
Hello, do not you know how to turn the spear trap? In order to make a point from the top down, it made from left to right?
Where can you get the spear traps from
I am in hardmode now the mobile version. How/what tools can you use for the spear traps and traps
I'm on xbox one and can't get hammer to turn spear traps. anyone know why? do I need a certain hammer?
How do you get them is my question
How do you break the flame and spear traps?

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