Terraria Traps Tutorial & Actuator Guide! (Tips & Tricks For Events, 1.3 + console/mobile)

Terraria Traps Tutorial & Actuator Guide! (Tips & Tricks For Events, 1.3 + console/mobile)

How do i destroy the actuator (no i dont know)
I am f'ing confused
Can we change the position of the traps?
F0ck you u talk to much you idiot idc where the traps came from
Thanks I needed this guide. Now I'm a master. Liked
Why is your grand design in the trash
I know this video is very old, but there is still people commenting, so I want to give some tips to some of you that are reading this and aren't as good at wiring as others, or maybe you are good at wiring, either way, you may learn something new as I did from the next tips.

First, if you have the Grand Design, don't put it on the trash can slot to stop seeing the wires, to the left of the inventory there are options that let the player choose between how bright the different wires and actuators look on the screen (faded, normal, bright), the Mechanical Display option lets you switch between normal and forced, when forced, the wires always appear on the screen, whether you are holding the Grand Design or you just have it on your inventory, whilst normal only shows wires when holding the Grand Design.
Secondly, and this is a tip that I didn't know until I tried it, use the actuation rod, it is the best tool ever: it actives actuators, you may think this isn't as good as it sounds, but trust me, when i started using this rod, I fell in love for it's usefulness. Whilst normally you would have to get a switch and sometimes activate traps when trying to activate the actuators, this tool doesn't trigger any wire or trap, only the actuator, and also in building it's great, no wire needed, no switches, not only saves inventory slots but also time, you have to give it a try and you will see how useful it is, even more if you are actually good at wiring.
And third, if you want to actuate a trap so you can walk through it and connect it to a timer, don't use two wire colors, I would suggest to use an actuation rod but you can do it without it if you don't want to: first, connect the traps that you want to actuate to a switch, then, put the actuators on the traps (or vice versa), now use the switch once, take out the actuators, and now connect the traps to the timer wanted and there you go, it should be done now.
Oh and also, if you are gonna use spiky ball traps, be sure that when they bounce, they won't be able to reach you
Hey do you have a vid on bosses and what effect each on the world ? And can you do a guide on getting end game weapons
Thanks! I'm trying to build an afk Crimson farm so I can get the Crimson Key.
You can't actuate Lihzahrd blocks until you have defeated Plantera
I'm having trouble with building an arena, I want to keep my traps actuated so enemys can walk through but with the timer it switches off every time. I have the actuators hooked up to a switch with green wire and the traps with red wire and a 1 sec timer but the wires overlap.
Traps are gay
Can a drax orr a shoe digging claw work to dig jungle temple traps?
Hey,I do know how to build them,But i'm kinda lazy,So i only take step by step stuff,not the ones i need to think of
If we put actuator on the lizard brick, dose it work?
Traps are gay.
I just keep commenting on your vids because it’s fun when a youtuber you look up to responds to you.
This video helped me slot with traps and stuff,
Thanks for the tips and tricks


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