Terraria Top 5 Tips and Tricks | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Life Hacks

Terraria Top 5 Tips and Tricks | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Life Hacks

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Lol, the angler is just floating along the sea...😂
Adding on to Tip 2... There is also a Swordfish
What about getting meteor armour and the space gun, super op in easy mode, and can last you for a while in Hardmode
Hi guys of Eua ! Im brazilian, you are very good man thanks for te tips !
on one of my worlds the dryad was called Isis XD
If you’re a beginner and you’re being attacked by a slime, you can go underwater and hit it from below and the slime won’t hurt you because it floats at the surface.
Ok do not put your items in a chest while doing it you lose them all i learned that the hard way
In the ocean its pretty safe, well in my world a meteorite fell near the ocean and now i have to deal with those meteor monsters..
I like his bunny voice🐰. it's cute
Thanks for the help mate :D
fruit is delicious
2018? 3:02 or u get a angler NPC xD its got an 1in 500000000000000000000000000000 chance to spawn lol
The fishing glitches still here I was fishing randomly I threw a dirt block on the ground when it happened
Here is a tip y do u worry bout ur npcs escapeing? Just build hotel and no room in the ground floor that is what I do I do that no one escapes!
Haha! You are so much more enthusiastic in your recent video!
Troller : la la la making ppl mad
Troller : aww man * leaves *
1:54 right when u said base u fished a bass lol

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