Terraria Top 5 Tips and Tricks | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Life Hacks

Terraria Top 5 Tips and Tricks | 1.3 Tutorial | Glitch | Life Hacks

Honey moves slowly so i can't hold it and make a honey fishing area.....
Hi happy great vid love all of your videos
You helped me very❤️
My tip is do what happy says
Me and my friend had lots of good stuff but he forgot to save his character so he lost all his stuff and we don't know how to get it back
As soon as he said protect your base he caught a bass
ok. i need to know what works and what doesn't
i cant find my config.json
If you throw out an item while a fishing line is out, it will throw out two extra fishing lines.
Please tutorial if building a world like yours
3:17 fish the angler
Does the water duplication work on the console version?
You said base then caught a fish called bass
I went to the ocean biome with wood fishing pole and fireflys somehow the first time I fished I got the sawtooth I have never gotten the reaver shark before
Can you make steps to build all your houses and other stuff you builded its so cool
i have 1 gold and about 50 silver on my ranger world but my merchant hasnt spawned yet
the thick cursor has been added in the settings
Fruit IS delicius!
I have the mechanics fishing rod, will that work?

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