Terraria The Weekly Wire Ep16 | Expert Mode Strong Start Guide | 1.3 tutorials

Terraria The Weekly Wire Ep16 | Expert Mode Strong Start Guide | 1.3 tutorials

Music at 7:00?
I don't think this is wire ._.
what is that world called
+HappyDays When You Said Lets Put ShiverThorn I Hear You Saying ShiverCorn Lol XD
can some one plz tell me how to get on expert mode on ps4 plz
i've got pro tip - use guide as a guard :P
I just love your houses :D I never come up with something that nice
Happy I love your videos. Will you be doing more of these beginner expert mode ones?
can you make a modded playthrough? necro mod seems nice and exciting for example
my starter weapon (copper shortsword) had the legendary modifier! speaking of happiness and luck!
happy for the next weekly wire can you give us a tutorial on getting good ores early in expert mode?
0:07 I'm so sorry happy, but I just cant help hearing gay mechanics. I'm so sorry... (starts gigling)
bows olny
I was really frustrated with the moon lord and the lunar event, and I was wondering what you could offer in the way of advice for these fights.(Despite me asking for tips, I can say that the possessed hatchet and cosmic car key are really helpful for the lunar event (bar the solar pillar).
You should do a Boomerang and Spear/flail playthrough.
From my plantara loot bag in expert I got the axe, Pygmy staff, & the one gun thing. Point is I got axe and Pygmy staff so no need to farm that beast. Fyi I beat him using the bow from hallowed mimics and holy arrows and a bunch a potions, and a realllly tall arena ;)
I wonder if you make an expert mode house in corruption, and stay alive like in your snow one... Them worms...
Happy will u ever be streaming on twitch?
Hi can we play Terraria pc sometime?

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Agro Space

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