Terraria Statue Farm Tutorial - How To Farm The Slime Staff / Baby Slime - Simple Statue Farm

Terraria Statue Farm Tutorial - How To Farm The Slime Staff / Baby Slime - Simple Statue Farm

You can use a slime staff to make a money farm
I did this with wall creepers goldfish bats and birds and got literally nothing. No banners no coins no drops. My lava is thin I followed exact instructions. What’s wrong?
Im playing terraria on mobile IDK if this can be on computer but if i have bomb statue, i can farm bombs, but its slow 12 sec per bomb (excuse my english)
Omg i have slime staff 3 times and i dont use any farm :O
while I was looking at the comments and seeing everybody say they got it on there second slime or whatever, the farm got me one!!! I a hipporcrit
What if add the 3rd 1 second timer and another colored wire do they still work? Can I get 3 system that work in 1 second and connected to same switch?
Ahhhhh!!!! >:( I got it in the tutorial
I got this from my first pinky kill.
Does the slime statue method still work????
I was just playing Terraria mobile and a blood moon occurred and I got it from a slimed zambie.....crazy moon
Got this in my first hour of playing I’m pretty sure. First companion ever, such a special place in my heart. Didn’t know it was so rare
U know the feeling like u want something and u tried to get it and it didnt happen and u wanted another thing diffrent and u got it accidentally thats how i got the slime staff :/
lol i stayed with the farm for a lot when i had 1 statue and now i got other 2 and i got the staff in the like 4th try
I've tried this on Xbox 360 but didn't work any suggestions on what I did wrong?
I randomly got the slime staff and sold it to the merchant because I thought it was common...
For some reason even following tutorials it still only activates once per second :/
Can't you knock out the bottom row of glass and just stand under the obsidian
What is farm for I once did it and it says numbers... ONLY NUMBERS?????????

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