Terraria ios 1.2 | Coin farm tutorial (infinite money!)

Terraria ios 1.2 | Coin farm tutorial (infinite money!)

Oh I thought the jellyfish dropped coins not having to sell their glow sticks
Anyone here in 2019
I like how u said u never got a slime banner when there is one hanging from ur obsid. gener
What's your equipment??
I had to whatch on 100 sound
What screen recorder do you use
Can you use skeleton state? For coins
Everything you need is 999 blocks a fishing rod and a truffle worm switch the blocks with the truffle worm and then the fishing rod will tell you wich stack of blocks (in case you have more of them) and then you can place the blocks everytime i do this i get 50 platinum per 3-2 minutes
Thats smart!
You know, it would be easy to put a thin lava pond in the snow biome, you have a room just beneath it with a water candle, and during th day because of all the ice golems I average 1.5 gold a minute
Noq the jelly neckles sells for one gold and 50 silver!
The lava part gave me an idea on how to make a better gel factory. Thank you for making this video.
Umm he didn’t earn coins or am I blind 😑
You can alzo do the duplication glitch and alot more easier to get platinum
I mean nice like the idea
Nice lobe the idea😉
Instructions unclear, dick stuck in coin
Oh a slime banner never gotten one of those before

5 mins later walks into a room with a slime banner...

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